Privacy Policy

Last updated: June 18, 2018

Skimleads follows the principles of deep respect for website visitors and information privacy. We adhere to the strict and transparent policy of data protection. We are clear about the use and collection of data. Our users are provided with access to all necessary information without violation of privacy standards. By using the Services provided by Skimleads, you agree to the rules of the data use described in this Privacy Policy.


Skimleads is committed to helping users expand their professional contact databases, improve their careers, and develop their businesses. By using this free service, specialists from every part of the world can share their professional achievements and find potential colleagues and employees. We’ve managed to develop the unique search system that helps specialists realize their potential.


The Skimleads system contains the following candidate’s data:

  • name;
  • interests;
  • skills;
  • work experience.

We collect this information only with a candidate’s consent. All the data is shared with the aim of building professional relationships.


Our service is aimed at connecting companies with professionals without violating their privacy. To make sure all personal data of candidates is safe, Skimleads uses the latest online privacy protection technologies. Also, we do not disclose contact information to third parties. All details related to the data exchange between a candidate and a visitor remain anonymous at Skimleads.

Note: Skimleads shall not be liable for the content or information that has been voluntarily uploaded or disclosed by website visitors.


This Privacy Policy may be changed, and new safety measures may be taken to meet the latest data protection requirements. All Skimleads users will be notified of these changes immediately.