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Getting Started

Skimleads is a global online service that provides you with a unique solution for searching business contacts. It is a system that enables you to find millions of candidates from around the world. You can easily connect with specialists in any field, including sales, marketing, real estate, show business, and much more.

Who can benefit from Skimleads?

  • Large companies
  • Small businesses
  • Programmers and app developers
  • Journalists
  • Real estate sellers
  • Students and freelancers
  • Everyone who wants to reap the benefits!

Skimleads will help you find and enter into a dialogue with specialists in any field. All you need is to enter your query and use our filters. It’s up to you to multiply your profits by making targeted calls only.


Step 1 To reach out to your potential employee, enter your query in the search box. This is the easiest way to find relevant professional contacts. With Skimleads, you will unlock the option to contact those who will help you move your career and business forward.

Step 2 To get access to LinkedIn profiles of people you need, just hit the corresponding button after the search is over. You can view the matching candidates right off the bat.

How To

Start Searching

Connect with the most qualified experts, employees, partners, and customers! Now it is time to make good use of our system, expand your contact base, and meet new, creative and skilled people. Skimleads is committed to bridging the gap between your company and all those specialists. Plus, our leads database is constantly updated with new applicants to meet your needs.

Enter your query in the search field and click "Search".

You can search over leads in a particular business field, enter the specialty, current position, or job experience. You can even filter candidates out by interests featured in their profiles. Be sure you will receive a list of talents matching your query right off the bat. Sometimes the search may take longer because we aim at providing you with the most relevant data.

Use Filters

Customize your search to find the leads you need. Shortly after you hit the ‘Search’ button, lists of LinkedIn contacts of business owners, potential employees, and customers from every part of the world will appear. Now you can proceed to target the leads that match your requirements using a range of our filters.

The filter settings panel displays all filters available. Remove one or more filters to target your search results.