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English, Greek, French, Spanish, Web Development, Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Sound Design, Pro Tools, Sound, Dialogue Editing, Logic Pro, Audio Editing, Guitar, Music Production, Piano, Recording
Inglese, Suono, Live sound, Audio professionale, Audio engineering, Intrattenimento, Strategia di marketing, Sales Management, Sound design, Vendite, New business development, Project management, Business development, Industria musicale, Gestione vendite, Professional Audio
Swedish, German, Norwegian, English, Music Production, Electronic Music, Record Labels, Mastering, Music, Ableton Live, Sound Design, Logic Pro, Music Industry, Studio Recording, Audio Editing, Audio Engineering, Video, Remixing, Mixer
Live Sound, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Audio Mixing, Studio Recording, Professional Audio, Sound, Sound Reinforcement, FOH, Recording, Management, Live Events, Electroacoustics, Audio Editing, Pro Tools
French, German, Sound Editor, Film, Giant Screen, IMAX, Sound Editing, Sound Design, Voice Over, Narration, Voice Acting, Piano Performance, Composing, Music Production, Mixer, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Audio
Web Development, IT Solutions, Web Design, Music Production, Computer Hardware, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Digital Media, Adobe Creative Suite, Graphics, Mac, Layout, Art, Facebook, Management
English, Studio Recording, Sound, Music, Singing, Pro Tools, Musical Theatre, Music Production, Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Television, Social Media Marketing, Film, Photoshop, Film Scoring, Original Music
English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Audio Post Production, Music Production, Film composer, Orchestration, Sound Design, Web Development, Web Design, Visual Effects, 2D Animation, Film director, Cinematographer, Post Production, Animation, Sound, Music
Spanish, Inglés, Catalán, Francés, Music Production, Sound Design, Composition, Sound, Recording, Music, Mixing, Entertainment, Mastering, Film, Television, Post Production, Video, Sound Editing, Audio Editing
Sound Design, Television, Film, Documentaries, Broadcast, Voice Over, Sound, Editing, Animation, Content Strategy, Production Management
Français, Anglais, Creole, Espagnol, Cubase, Protool, Steinberg Nuendo, Ableton Live, VST, Synthesizers, Film Scoring, Scoring to Picture, Piano Playing, Classical Guitar, Drums, Sound Mixing, Mastering, Songwriting, Audio Post Production
English, Tennis, audio mixing, Sound Design, Audio Post Production, Volleyball, Sound Editing, Digidesign Pro Tools, Pro Tools, Mac OS, Audio Editing, Audio, Sound, Film, Recording, Voice Over
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Sound, Audio Engineering, Recording, Live Sound, FOH, Music, Band, Concerts, Sound Reinforcement, Drums, Live Events, Stage Management, Festivals, Sound Editing, Pro Tools
English, Spanish, German, Broadcast, Radio, Radio Producing, Sound, Wordpress, Voice Over, Audio Editing, Radio Station Branding/Imaging... Sound Design... Marketing... Pixel Slicing, Television, Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production, Adobe Audition, Producing, New Media, Entertainment
Music, Music Industry, Music Production, Entertainment, Composition, Social Media, Recording, Event Management, Songwriting, Music Education, Sound, Singing, Teaching, Social Media Marketing, Marketing Strategy
Русский, English, Sound Design, Audio Design, Music Production, Audio Editing, SFX, Sound Effects, Field Recording, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Audio Post Production, Schism Tracker, Audio Processing, Directing Talent, Wwise
English, Video, Sound, Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Producing, Video Production, Film, Post Production, Video Editing, Camera, Final Cut Pro, Real Estate, Real Estate Transactions, Commercial Real Estate, Audio Post Production, Sound Design, Recording
Sound Design, Conceptual, Minimalism, Experimental, Electronic, Minimal Techno, Techno, Micro House, Tech House, Electronics, Sound, Experimental Physics, Composition, Mastering, Logic Pro
Music Production, Audio Engineering, Audio Mixing, Composer, Sound Design, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Music Creation, Music Industry, Piano, Keyboardist, Hammond Organ, Final Cut Pro, Voice Over, Video Editing
English, Mandarin, Sound Design, Music Composition, Drummer, Interaction Design, Sound Effects, Composition, Original Music, Foley, Game Audio, Steinberg Nuendo, Sound Editing, Audio Post Production, FMOD, Cubase, Field Recording
Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Mac, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Web Design, After Effects, Copy Editing, Multimedia, Event Planning, HTML, Microsoft Office, Film, Art, Pro Tools
Sound Design, Game Audio, Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production, Game Audio Implementation, FMOD, Video Games, Field Recording, Sony SCREAM Audio Middleware, Audio Restoration, Microsoft Excel, Game Engines, Music, Console, Sound
Audio Visual System Design, Consulting, Audio Visual Design, Tender Writing, Acoustic Measurement, System Integration Testing, Public Address Announcing, Evacuation, Audio Engineering, Acoustics, Acoustic Modeling, Electromagnetic Fields, speech intelligibility, Induction loop design, PAVA (Public Adress & Voice Alarm) Systems Airports, Lighting Design AV, Lighting/Daylight constraint Design AV, Line of Sight video-presentation & camera-use, User Interface Design
English, Dutch, German, Graphic Design, Web Design, Retail, InDesign, Social Media, Sound, OS X, Music, Mac, Photography, Store Management, Coaching, Team Building, Management, Customer Satisfaction
  • Played keyboards and guitars in a number of bands at selfemployed
Italian, French, English, Music Production, Recording, Guitarist, Drums, Hard Rock, Sound Mixing, Audio Engineering, Bass Guitar, Composition, Studio Recording, Heavy Metal, Music, Keyboardist, Pro Tools, Progressive
English, Japanese, German, Game Design, Music Composition, Game Music, Video Games, Multimedia, Sound, Sound Design, Audio Post Production, Composition, Music Production, Audio Editing, Logic Pro, Game Development, Computer Games, Digital Media, Music Theory, Interactive Media
English, Japanese, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Marketing, Mobile App Marketing, Mobile Marketing, Analytics, Google Adwords, WordPress, Research, Microsoft Office, Teamwork, Proofreading, Editing, HTML 5
Inglês, Espanhol, Francês, Português, Produção musical, Composition, Gravação, Mídias sociais, Masterização, Pro Tools, Música, Vídeo, Mastering, Televisão, Music Production, Entretenimento, Redação, Microsoft Office
Sony Vegas, Nuendo, Steinberg Nuendo, PROTOOLS, Sound Editing, Mix Engineer, Sound Design, Adobe Audition, Photoshop, Sonido, Multimedia, Televisión, Películas, Música, Audiovisual, Publicidad, Posproducción
Spanish, Video Production, Audio Engineering, Sound, Sound Design, AV, Music Production, Lighting, Music, Projection, Event Management, Video, Live Sound, Content Strategy, Camera Operating, Music Industry, Entertainment, Content Creation
Swedish, English, Android, Java, Sound Design, Music Programming, Spring Framework, Spring Cloud, Modular Synthesis, Sound, C++, Audio Engineering, Docker, Music Production, Audio Processing, Composition, Recording
French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Sound Design, Sound, Music, Composition, Film Scoring, Pro Tools, Music Production, Recording, Sound Editing, Mastering, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Video, Studio Recording, Multimedia
Italiano, Inglese, Francese, Live Events, Live Sound, Stage Management, Sound Reinforcement, Sound Mixing, Professional Audio, Audio Mixing, Monitor Mixing, Live Recording, Audio Post Production, Sound Editing, Stage Lighting, Live Event Producer, LibreOffice, Open Office
English, Spanish (very basic), Technics SL-1200MK2 Servicing & Repair, Turntable Servicing, Turntable Repair, Electronics Repair, Soldering, Music Production, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, AV, Video, Entertainment, Recording, Video Editing, Photoshop
English, Composition, Music, Electronic Music, Sound Design, Composing, Film Scoring, Music Production, Orchestral, Original Music, Soundtrack, Classical, MIDI, Sound, Scoring, Film
Italiano, Inglese, Spagnolo, Francese, Facebook, Social Networking, Blogging, Wordpress, Twitter, Google Analytics, Mac OS X, micro, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Photoshop, Communication Skills, Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing, Email Marketing
spanish, Troubleshooting, Microsoft Office, Audio Engineering, Windows, Windows Server, Active Directory, Computer Hardware, POS, Music Production, Photoshop, SQL, Final Cut Pro, HTML, Logic Pro, Songwriting
  • Sound Editor - Re-recording mixing assistant at Audio Zone
  • Customer Service/Credit Department/Installation at Sears Canada
French, English, Post Production, Musicians, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Sound Mixing, Music Production, Music, Sound Editing, Management, Customer Service, Retail, Inventory Management, Troubleshooting, Sales, Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production, Pro Tools, Recording, Sound
Português, Inglês, Publicidade, Marketing, Mídias sociais, Marketing digital, Comunicações de marketing, Estratégias de marketing, Music, Publicidade online, Marketing social, Design gráfico, Mídia digital, Direção criativa, Estratégia digital, Spots, Advertising
English, French, Music Production, Sound Design, Recording, Video, Music Industry, Event Management, Audio Engineering, Composition, Songwriting, Music Videos, Pro Tools, Live Sound, Music, Sound, Tour Management
Spanish, Portuguese, Sound Design, Sound, Music, Entertainment, Dialogue Editing, Voice Over, Film, Composition, Pro Tools, Video Games, Video, Wwise, FMOD, SFX, Sound Editing
Français, Anglais, Sound Design, Pro Tools, Cubase, Mixing, Wwise, Studio Recording, Video Games, Unity3D
Bulgarian, English, French, Spanish, Audio Post Production, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Sound Effects, Sound Editing, Music Recording,, Field Recording, Dialogue Recording, Ableton Live, MaxMSP, FMOD, Wwise, Composition, Audio Editing, Film
Pro Tools, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Recording, Live Sound, Audio Post Production, Studio Recording, Film, Logic Pro, Garageband, Audio Editing, iMovie, Field Recording, MIDI, Sound Editing
Pro Tools, Sound Design, Sound, Sound Mixing, Sound Editing, Post Production, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Video Editing, Video, Editing, Video Production, Directing, Audio Editing, Videography
Pro Tools, Audio Editing, Video, Mastering, Recording, Audio Engineering, Music Industry, Studio Recording, Music, Photoshop, Songwriting, Sound, Music Publishing, Record Labels, Entertainment
English, Hindi, Marathi, German., Film, Sound, Music, Field Recording, Recording, Audio Engineering, Camera, Radio, Photography, Sound Design, Photoshop, Comedy, Festivals, Tablist , Guitarist, Drummer, Vocals etc, Composition
  • Composer, sound designer, sound producer at AvkoLabs
Russian, Belarusian, English, composer, sound-designer, sound mixing, music, Live sound, Звуковой дизайн, Звукозапись, Звуковое сопровождение, Pro Tools, Звуковая техника, Музыкальное производство
Video Games, Sound Design, MMO, Quality Assurance, Sound, Game Development, Composition, 3D Studio Max, Audio Engineering, Xbox 360, Field Recording, Sound Editing, Computer Games, Game Design, Gameplay