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Group: Sound design
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Spanish, Marketing, Sound Design, Database Admin, Electronics, Awareness, Synchronization, IDM, Music, Sound, Social Networking, Music Licensing, Social Media Marketing, Digital Marketing, Publishing, Music Industry
Web Development, IT Solutions, Web Design, Music Production, Computer Hardware, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Digital Media, Adobe Creative Suite, Graphics, Mac, Layout, Art, Facebook, Management
English, Studio Recording, Sound, Music, Singing, Pro Tools, Musical Theatre, Music Production, Audio Engineering, Sound Design, Television, Social Media Marketing, Film, Photoshop, Film Scoring, Original Music
Spanish, Inglés, Catalán, Francés, Music Production, Sound Design, Composition, Sound, Recording, Music, Mixing, Entertainment, Mastering, Film, Television, Post Production, Video, Sound Editing, Audio Editing
Dutch, English, Sound Design, Sound FX Editing, Sound Editing, Audio Post Production, Pro Tools, Game Audio, Microsoft XACT, Steinberg Nuendo, Recording, Audio Engineering, Music Production, Film Sound, Studio Recording, Film, Teaching
Music, Music Industry, Music Production, Creative Services, Music Publishing, Record Labels, Digital Media, Songwriting, Music Licensing, Songs, Music Management, Band, Music Supervision, Composition, Recording
Audio Post Production, Pro Tools, Sound Design, Video Editing, Video Production, Final Cut Pro, Motion 5, Music Composition, ADR recording, Izotope RX, Noise Reduction, Wwise, Game Audio Integration, Lighting, Camera Operation
English, Mandarin, Sound Design, Music Composition, Drummer, Interaction Design, Sound Effects, Composition, Original Music, Foley, Game Audio, Steinberg Nuendo, Sound Editing, Audio Post Production, FMOD, Cubase, Field Recording
English, French, Italian, Sound Design, Music Production, Audio Post Production, Music, Sound, Video Production, Short Films, Video, Festivals, Mastering, Theatre, Audio Engineering, Sound Editing, Art, Pro Tools, Sound design
Guitarist, Game Development, Game Design, Video Games, Xbox 360, Wwise, PS3, Sound Design, Audio Post Production, FMOD, Field Recording, Wii, Game Audio, Mobile Games, Online Gaming
  • Electronic Technician, Technical Support Manager / Tecnico Elettronico, Responsabile Tecnico at Madema Italia srl
  • Electronic Technician, Technical Support Manager / Tecnico Elettronico, Responsabile Tecnico at TecnicaMente srl
  • Electronic Technician / Tecnico Elettronico at Madema srl
  • Electronic Technician, Owner Service Center / Tecnico Elettronico, Titolare di Centro Assistenza at Diapason Elettronica
  • Electronic technician assistant - Tecnico elettronico aiutante at Deltatronic
Italiano, inglese
English, Production, Television, Editing, Broadcast, Video, Film, Television Production, Photography, Documentaries, Video Production, Media Production, Radio, Post Production, Video Editing, HD Video
English, Dutch, German, Graphic Design, Web Design, Retail, InDesign, Social Media, Sound, OS X, Music, Mac, Photography, Store Management, Coaching, Team Building, Management, Customer Satisfaction
Xbox 360, Video Games, PS3, Unreal Engine 3, Game Development, Audio Post Production, FMOD, Wwise, Game Design, Perforce, Unreal Editor, SFX, Sound, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing
French, English, Spanish, Portuguese, Sound Design, Sound, Music, Composition, Film Scoring, Pro Tools, Music Production, Recording, Sound Editing, Mastering, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Video, Studio Recording, Multimedia
Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Audio Post Production, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, ADR recording, Dialogue Editing, Live Sound, Audio Engineering, Field Recording, Studio Recording, Music Production, Digital Audio, Sound
English, Spanish (very basic), Technics SL-1200MK2 Servicing & Repair, Turntable Servicing, Turntable Repair, Electronics Repair, Soldering, Music Production, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, AV, Video, Entertainment, Recording, Video Editing, Photoshop
English, Live Events, Sound, Live Sound, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Audio Processing, Machine Learning, Matlab, Computer Science, Digital Audio, C++, Event Management, Lighting Design, LaTeX, Creative Problem Solving
Italiano, Inglese, Spagnolo, Francese, Facebook, Social Networking, Blogging, Wordpress, Twitter, Google Analytics, Mac OS X, micro, Logic Pro, Ableton Live, Photoshop, Communication Skills, Social Media Marketing, Web Marketing, Email Marketing
Interactive Music, MaxMSP, Sound Design, Wwise, Field Recording, Game Development, Logic Pro, Xbox 360, Composition, Video Games, Unreal Engine, Unity3D, Audio Post Production, Sound Editing, FMOD, Level Design, Pure Data, Perforce, Adobe Audition
Tour Management, Stage Management, FOH, Audio Engineering, Production Managment, Stage, Concerts, Drums, Sound Reinforcement, Live Sound, Live Events, Professional Audio, Backline, Music, Music Industry
Ingles, Italiano, Portugues, Español, Audio Editing, Audio Engineering, Studio Recording, Sound Design, Mastering, Sound Editing, Music Production, Recording, Music, Post Production, Foley Artist, Video Editing, Sound Mixing, Re-recording Mixing, ADR recording
English, Audio Engineering, Composition, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Music Production, Budgeting, Mastering, Sound, Pro Tools, Recording, Music, Music Industry, Audio Mixing
  • Sound Editor - Re-recording mixing assistant at Audio Zone
  • Customer Service/Credit Department/Installation at Sears Canada
French, English, Post Production, Musicians, Bass Guitar, Guitar, Sound Mixing, Music Production, Music, Sound Editing, Management, Customer Service, Retail, Inventory Management, Troubleshooting, Sales, Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production, Pro Tools, Recording, Sound
Japanese; basic, Spanish; basic, C#; advanced, JavaScript; basic, Sound Design, Audio Post Production, Audio Engineering, Game Audio, Event Management, Professional Audio, Video, Post Production, Final Cut Pro, Mastering, Game Development, Graphic Design, Animation, Songwriting, Video Production
Sound Design, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Pro Tools, Composition, Finale, Digital Performer, Sibelius, Sound, Sample Development, Audio Restoration, Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production, Cubase, Gaming Industry
Spanish, Portuguese, Sound Design, Sound, Music, Entertainment, Dialogue Editing, Voice Over, Film, Composition, Pro Tools, Video Games, Video, Wwise, FMOD, SFX, Sound Editing
Video Games, Sound Design, MMO, Quality Assurance, Sound, Game Development, Composition, 3D Studio Max, Audio Engineering, Xbox 360, Field Recording, Sound Editing, Computer Games, Game Design, Gameplay
Spanish, Portuguese, Musicians, Piano, Guitar, Flute, Accordion, Mandolin, Ukulele, Bass Guitar, Spanish-speaking, Spanish Literature, Spanish-English, Logic Pro, Garageband, Pro Tools, Composition
Video Production, Editing, Video, Creative Writing, Photography, Video Editing, Videography, Documentaries, Production Sound, Interviews, Research, Film, Audio Post Production, Multimedia, Sound Design
Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Recording, Audio Post Production, Music, Video Games, Sound, Sound Editing, Pro Tools, Sound Mixing, Logic Pro, Studio Recording, Audio Editing, Music Production, Game Development, Mastering, Unreal Engine, Video Game Production
  • Composer, Electronic Music Programmer, Performer at NOBOT
  • Sound Designer / Composer / Mixer at BWN Music
Foley, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Composition, Sound, Film Scoring, FMOD, Dialogue Editing, Voice Over, Hansoft, Reaper, Music Production, Recording, Pro Tools, Field Recording
Video Games, Xbox 360, Computer Games, Sound, Game Design, Game Development, Console, Wii, Unreal Engine 3, PS3, Perforce, MMORPG, MMO, Wwise, FMOD, Unreal Editor
  • Civil/Structural/Piping Engineer at PSDesign
Audio Engineering, Sound, Professional Audio, Music, Live Sound, Testing, Electronics, Sound Design, Consumer Electronics, Recording, Pro Tools, Music Production, MIDI, Band, Composition
  • Audio/video editor at ABC4
Sound Design, Dialog Editing, Audio Mixing, Video Editing, Quick learner, Detail-oriented, Flexible, Studio Recording, Field Recording
English, Sound Design, Music Production, Studio Recording, Audio Engineering, Pro Tools, Composition, Sound, Foley, Field Recording, Voice Over, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Recording, Post Production, Music, Video Games, FMOD, Film
Unreal Engine 3, Wwise, Video Games, Sound Design, PS3, Xbox 360, Pro Tools, FMOD
Theatre, Sound, Live Events, Live Sound, Festivals, Musical Theatre, Audio Engineering, Video, Sound Design, Stage Management, Stage, Sound Reinforcement, Professional Audio, Performing Arts, Production Managment
User Experience, Human Computer Interaction, OpenGL ES, Android Development, Python, Sound Design, Music Programming, Music Theory, Objective-C, Teaching, Rapid Prototyping, Interaction Design, Programming, User Interface Design, Gamification
Finnish, English, Swedish, 1337, Audio Design, Game Music, Sound Effects, Metal Music, Orchestration, Composition, Ambiences, Sound Mixing, Studio Recording, Cubase, Sound Forge, Mastering, Audio for Marketing, Arranging, Sound Editing
Español, English, Sound Design, Re-recording Mixing, Audio Post Production, Sound Editing, Public Address, Pro Tools HD and HDX, Digital Performer, Peak, Final Cut Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, Nuendo, Cubase, Finale, Sibelius
English, German, Portuguese, French, Sound Design, Sound Editing, Pro Tools, Audio Post Production, Recording, Music Creation, Audio Mixing, Boom Operator, Cubase, Music Production, Post Production, Audio Editing, Game Design, Music
Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Audio Post Production, Wwise, FMOD, Foley, SFX, Field Recording, Pro Tools, Sound Editing, Unreal Engine 3, Sound, Video Games, Game Design, Cubase
Русский, Украинский, Английский, Ableton Live, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Sound Effects, Sound Equipment, Waves Plug-ins, iZotope plug-ins, Adobe Design Programs, Composers, Audio Mixing, Mastering, Corel Draw, Illustrator, Photoshop, Audio Branding
Post Production, Sound Editing, Documentaries, Film, Music, Sound Design, Creative Direction, Audio Engineering, Advertising, Music Production, Pro Tools
Portuguese, English, Music Production, Music Supervision, Songwriting, Original Music, Music Industry, Music Licensing, Audio Branding, Audio Post Production, Composition, Studio Recording, Film Scoring, Soundtrack, Sound Design, Jingles, Music
English, Video Production, Sound, lighting, Print Design, Web Design, Print Production, Graphic Design, Catalogue Production, Typography, Direct Mail Pieces, Brochures, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
Presentation Design, User Experience, User Interface Design, CSS, Motion Graphic Design, Vanilla JavaScript, Information Architecture, Illustrator, Technical Communication, Editing, InDesign, Software Documentation, Technical Documentation, Adobe Acrobat, Usability Testing