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Group: Quantitative Trading
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Quantitative Finance, Equities, Electronic Trading, Financial Markets, Hedge Funds, Quantitative Analytics, Portfolio Management, Equity Research, Trading Systems, Equity Trading, Trading, Asset Management, Investment Banking, Investments, Trading Strategies
Front-end, Node.js, jQuery, Web Development, CSS, JavaScript, Web Design, HTML, User Experience, User Interface Design, C#, .NET, WPF, Java, Backbone.js
English, Danish, French, German, Russian, C++, Trading, Hedge Funds, Global Macro, Interest Rate Derivatives, Fixed Income, VBA, Foreign Exchange, Macroeconomics, Equities, Programming, Microsoft Excel, Matlab, Credit Derivatives, Trading Systems, Derivatives
Executive Search, Investor Relations, Finance & Technology Recruitment, Recruiting, High Frequency Trading, C++, Seed Capital, Low Latency Trading, Quantitative Research, Networking, Portfolio Management, Capital Raising, Trading, Systems Engineering, Quantitative Finance
Research, Genetics, Laboratory, Leadership, Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, Hedge Funds, Venture Capital, Strategy, Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Business Development, New Business Development, Marketing Strategy, Strategic Partnerships
Derivatives, Fixed Income, Equities, Trading, Bloomberg, Hedge Funds, Valuation, FX Options, Investment Banking, Portfolio Management, Financial Risk, VBA, Interest Rate Derivatives, Risk Management, Structured Products, Investments, Trading Systems, Bonds, Quantitative Analytics
C, C++, C#, Java, VBA, MQL4, MQL5, Ninjatrader, Trading Systems, MetaTrader, ECN, Electronic Trading, Quantitative Finance, Statistical Arbitrage, Automated Trading
English, Bokmål, Norwegian, French, Quantitative Finance, Mathematical Modeling, Risk Management, Applied Mathematics, Probability, Matlab, Mathematics, Quantitative Analytics, Quantitative Analysis, Energy Markets, Statistical Modeling, Statistics, Stochastic, Financial Modeling, Monte Carlo Simulation
English, Turkish, Financial and Engineering Consultant, Commodity, Trading, Management, Venture Capital, International Trade, Investments, International Business, Finance, Mergers & Acquisitions, Business Planning, Business Development, Corporate Finance, Strategy
Spanish, German, Matlab, Mathematica, Mathematical Modeling, Applied Physics, Physics, Electronics, Quantum Optics, Experimentation, Science, Microscopy, Image Processing, Optics, Python, LaTeX, C
Institutional Sales, Hedge Funds, Financial Modeling, Financial Markets, Capital Markets, Equities, Trading, Alternative Investments, Fixed Income, Equity Research, Bloomberg, Series 7, Electronic Trading, Trading Systems, Derivatives
German, Derivatives, Business Analysis, Fixed Income, Equities, Business Requirements, Market Data, Securities, Bloomberg, SDLC, SaaS, Product Management, Integration, CDS, Trading Systems, Order Management
Arabic, WPF, .NET, C#, Microsoft SQL Server, Agile Methodologies, Front Office, Trading Systems, Algorithms, High Performance Computing, Team Leadership, Software Architectural Design, Electronic Trading, Financial Markets, Equities, Options
R, S-Plus, C++, C, Quantitative Research, Quantitative Finance, Quantitative Analysis, Quantitative Trading, High Frequency Trading, Data Analysis, Econometrics, Numerical Modeling, Numerical Analysis, Monte Carlo Simulation, Machine Learning
Spanish, English, Spring, Java, JavaScript, Servlets, Linux, Web Services, JSP, HTML, SQL, Spring Framework, Tomcat, Groovy, Grails, MySQL, OSX
Options, Trading, Derivatives, Commodity, Hedging, Equities, Fixed Income, Hedge Funds, Risk Management, Financial Markets, Portfolio Management, Commodity Markets, Trading Strategies, Equity Derivatives, Swaps
French, Arabic, Project Management, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Teamwork, Microsoft Office, PowerPoint, SQL, MS Project, Bloomberg Terminal, Equity Research, Financial Markets, FX trading, Portfolio Management, Electronic Trading, Quantitative Analytics
Italiano, Inglese, Spagnolo
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English, Market Analysis, Financial Analysis, Trading, Software Development, Strategic Planning, FX trading, Trading Strategies, Trading Systems, Strategy
English, French, Portuguese, Italian, C++, Python, Java, Quantitative Finance, System Architecture, Commodity Risk Management, SOAP, Sybase, Oracle, Team Leadership, SQL, Linux development, Windows, Software Engineering, Perl
Trading, Programming, C#, VBA, Python, C++, Java, Equities, Futures, Quantitative Trading Strategies, Quantitative Analytics
French, English, Italian, Innovative Thinking, Teamwork, C++, Team Leadership, Quantitative Finance, Statistical Arbitrage, Able To Work Under Pressure, Reliability, Options, Bash, SQL, Mathematical Modeling, Data Analysis, Team Spirit, Innovative Problem Solver
Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Photoshop, C++, HTML, Research, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Windows, Illustrator, SQL, English, Internal Audit
  • Financial Markets Intern (FX Derivatives Trading, Rates Exotics Trading) at ING
  • Summer Analyst at JPMorgan Chase
English, Chinese, Japanese, Matlab, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Economics, PowerPoint, Teamwork, Quantitative Finance, Research, Mandarin, Photoshop, VBA, Bloomberg Terminal
French, English, Arabic, German, Mathematical Finance, Behavioral Finance, Finance, Financial Investment, Econometrics, Business Strategy, Microsoft Excel, VBA, Forex, Financial Modeling, Creative Writing, Corporate Finance, Team Management, MIS, Literature
Equities, Portfolio Management, Hedge Funds, Alternative Investments, Economics, Asset Allocation, Trading Systems
Portuguese, English, Agile Methodologies, UML, Enterprise Architecture, Scrum, Hibernate, SOA, JMS, Enterprise Software, Java Enterprise Edition, JBoss Application Server, Websphere, Oracle, EJB, Spring, Design Patterns
French, English, German, Financial Markets, Microsoft Office, C++, R, C, Asset Management, Hedge Funds, Financial Analysis, Corporate Finance
Swedish, English, Finnish, German, C#, PHP, Microsoft SQL Server, C++, .NET, Matlab, Trading, Derivatives, Microsoft Excel, C, UML, CSS, Visual Studio, Visual Basic, Hedge Funds
English, Chinese, Japanese, C/C++, Java, VB/VBA, Python, Matlab, Symbian C++, C#, .NET, Multithreading, Speech Recognition, Quantitative Analysis, Pattern Recognition, Quantitative Analytics, Signal Processing, Algorithms
Russian, English, Lithuanian, Microsoft Office, Windows, OS X, Electronics, Computer Hardware, C, C++, Cisco CCNA, MQL4, Linux System Administration, Statistical Data Analysis, JSP, HTML, CSS, Data Mining
Sales Operations, Commodity Markets, Commodity Dealer, Equity Research, Equity Trading, Financial Reporting, Risk Management, FOREX DEALER, Customer Service, Web Design, Microsoft Office, Derivatives Trading, FX trading, FX Hedging, Equity Derivatives, Hedging, Forex hedging, Trading, FX Trading
Quantitative Analytics, Fixed Income, Portfolio Management, Quantitative Finance, Derivatives, Options, Electronic Trading, Quantitative Research, Credit Derivatives, Algorithms, Equity Trading, Proprietary Trading, Risk Management, Trading, Market Risk
C++, SQL, Software Development, VBA, Derivatives, Trading Systems, C#, R, SDLC, Quantitative Finance, Visual Basic, Fixed Income, Oracle, Access, Strategy
Statistics, Python, R, Matlab, C++, Java, Statistical Modeling, Time Series Analysis, Asset Pricing, Portfolio Management, Stochastic Simulation, Fixed Income, Databases, Machine Learning, Financial Risk Management, SQL, Big Data, MapReduce, Linux
English, Spanish, French, C++, Android, Java, Software Engineering, Programming, SQL, Matlab, Finance Operations, Quantitative Finance, Trading Systems, Google Glass, Android Development, Wearable Computing, Wearables, Music
English, Vietnamese, Quantitative Finance, Equities, Financial Modeling, Risk Management, Economics, Valuation, Derivatives, VBA, Volatility, Bloomberg, Quantitative Analytics, Econometrics, Financial Analysis, Management, Finance
English, Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Persian, C++, RapidMiner, VBA, Options, Futures, Private Equity, Fixed Income, Microsoft Excel, SQL, Minitab, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Research, Teamwork
English, Chinese, Trading, Derivatives, Python, Statistics, Quantitative Finance, R
Español, Inglés, Italiano, Francés, Trading, Quantitative Finance, Derivatives, Financial Modeling, Stochastic Calculus, VBA, Technical Analysis, Portfolio Optimization, R, C++, Matlab, Fixed Income, Optimization, Interest Rate Derivatives, Statistical Arbitrage
Automated Trading, Quantitative Research, Quant Trading, US Equities, Software Development, Trading Systems
English, Chinese Mandarin, Volatility Modeling, Numerical Optimization, C++
Mandarin, Matlab, VBA, C++, Econometrics, Data Mining, SQL, Python, Statistics, Risk Management, Quantitative Finance, R, Mathematical Modeling, Linux, Algorithmic trading, Bloomberg, Financial Modeling
Equities, Electronic Trading
Sybase, Java, EMS, .NET, Equities, Equity Derivatives, R, FIX, Convertible Bonds, Microsoft SQL Server, Trading, VBA, Access Database, TIBCO, RFA, FX trading, High Frequency Trading, Order Management
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Quantitative Investing, Equities, Quantitative Finance, Hedge Funds, Capital Markets, Quantitative Analytics, Trading Systems