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Group: Post Sound Mixers
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Sound Design, Television, Film, Documentaries, Broadcast, Voice Over, Sound, Editing, Animation, Content Strategy, Production Management
fra, Anglais, Mixing, Audio Editing, Studio Recording, Dialogue Editing, Pro Tools, Postproduction, Design sonore, Son, Production musicale, Enregistrement en studio, Édition audio, Film, Musique
Professional Audio, Audio Engineering, Project Management, Directing, Product Development, Budgets, Insurance, Consulting, Management, Photoshop, Public Speaking, Video Production, Audio Post Production, HD Video, Broadcast
Sound, Live Sound, Soundtrack, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Sound Mixing, Studio Recording, Re-recording Mixing, Audio Editing, Audio Post Production, Live Recording, Musicians, Music Production, Son, Musique
Sound Mixing, Music Production, Live Sound, Sound Design, Music, Music Industry, Drums, Musical Instruments, Teaching, Cooking
English, Sound, Music Creation, Digidesign Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, MIDI sequencing, Lyric Writing, Computer Music, Mastering, Digital Recording, Mixing, Studio Recording, Record Labels, Music Management, Audio Engineering
Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Localization, Directing, Line Producing, Budget Management, Recording, Audio Editing, Talent Casting, Sound Design, Photography, ADR, Dialogue Editing, Adaptation, Translation, Film, Entertainment
Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Audio Post Production, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, ADR recording, Dialogue Editing, Live Sound, Audio Engineering, Field Recording, Studio Recording, Music Production, Digital Audio, Sound
English, Afrikaans, Ruby on Rails, Ruby, SQL, LESS, Bash, Git, Feature Branch, Github, Nginx, Phusion Passenger, HTML, Applescript, Shell Scripting, Smoke Testing, SoX - Sound eXchange
Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Customer Service, Research, Outlook, English, Photoshop, Windows, HTML, Budgets, C++, C
Chinese, English, Audio Post Production, Analytical Skills, Marketing Strategy, Interpersonal Skill, Music Production, Collaborative Problem Solving, Creative Solutions, Audio Editing, Blogging, Audio Engineering, Digital Design, UI Design
English, Music, MIDI, Film, Sound, Television, Music Production, Entertainment, Recording, Video, Editing
Video Production, Editing, Video, Creative Writing, Photography, Video Editing, Videography, Documentaries, Production Sound, Interviews, Research, Film, Audio Post Production, Multimedia, Sound Design
  • Composer, Electronic Music Programmer, Performer at NOBOT
  • Sound Designer / Composer / Mixer at BWN Music
Foley, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Composition, Sound, Film Scoring, FMOD, Dialogue Editing, Voice Over, Hansoft, Reaper, Music Production, Recording, Pro Tools, Field Recording
Programming, Software Development, Sound, Music Production, Video, Music, Audio Engineering, Product Development, Product Management, Multimedia, Mac OS X, Product Design, Product Marketing, Sound Design, Recording
  • Digital Content Editor at BBC
  • Editor - BBC Development Consumer & Live at BBC
  • Freelance Edit Assistant at BBC
  • Digital Technician Watchdog & Rogue Traders at BBC
  • Edit & Media Support Operator at Evolutions
  • Data Operations at Evolutions
English, Post Production, Avid Media Composer, Final Cut Pro, Video, Television, Editing, Video Editing, Media Production, Avid, Motion Graphics, Canon DSLR, Transcoding, Color Grading, Camera Operator, Director
Audio Mixing, 3D animation, Video Production, Sound Design, Film, Broadcast, Composition, Music, Foley, Motion Graphics, Licensing, Visual Effects, 3D Modeling, Computer Animation, Audio Engineering
Spanish, Mixer, Audio Post Production, Sound, Film, Feature Films, Television, Post Production, Pro Tools, Sound Editing, Dialogue Editing, Sound Design, Film Production, HD Video, Commercials, Avid
Video, Film, Film Production, Documentaries, Videography, Media Production, Music Videos, Editing, Final Cut Studio, Music, Camera Operating, Post Production, Social Media, Commercials, Audio Post Production
Español, English, Sound Design, Re-recording Mixing, Audio Post Production, Sound Editing, Public Address, Pro Tools HD and HDX, Digital Performer, Peak, Final Cut Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, Nuendo, Cubase, Finale, Sibelius
Voice Over, Announcer, Narration, On Hold Messaging, E- Learning, Medical Jargon, Audio Books, Sound, Camera, On-hold Messages, Recording, Video Production, Narrator, Television, Video
  • Sound Recordist, Boom Operator, Audio Editor at Freelance
  • Sound Recordist - Funny Business (Gags to Riches), BBC R&D at BBC
  • Sound Recordist - The Fanatic at Victory Television
  • Technical Assistant - Royal Marines Commando School & Quiz Nights at Minicams
Documentaries, Boom Operator, Documentary, Sound, Film, Drama, Commercials, Television, Radio, Location Sound, Sound Editing, Audio Post Production, Location Recording, Reality, Dialogue Editing
Video Production, Audio Post Production, Video Editing, Cinematography, Producers, Film Production, Music Videos, Videographer, Final Cut Pro, Writer, Directors, Documentaries, Film, Web Development, HTML, CSS, PHP, jQuery, Video
Anglais, Studio Recording, Audio Editing, Remixing, Music Production, Music Industry, Music, Recording, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Enregistrement
Audio Post Production, Digidesign Pro Tools, Dialogue Editing, Mixer, Audio Mixing, Sound Editing, Surround Sound, Audio Engineering, Audio Technology, Live Sound, Audio Editing, Pro Tools, Sound, Sound Design, Post Production, Recording, FOH
English, Video Production, Sound, lighting, Print Design, Web Design, Print Production, Graphic Design, Catalogue Production, Typography, Direct Mail Pieces, Brochures, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, Dreamweaver
English, Video Production, Video, Video Editing, Photoshop, Television, Editing, Social Media, Documentaries, Final Cut Pro, Post Production, Web Design, Film Production, Advertising, Videography, Commercials, Broadcast, Music Videos, Sound Design
  • Creative Specialist at
English, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Audio Post Production, Creative Writing, Creativity Skills, Leadership, Organizational Leadership, Event Planning, Event Management, Social Media, Social Networking, Social Media Marketing, Music, Editing, Video Production
Pro Tools, Digital Audio, Audio recording, Logic Pro, Research, Wavelab, Premiere, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Audio Post Production, Professional Audio, Outlook, Audio Processing, Audio Interfaces, English
French, Spanish, Creoles and pidgins, French-based, Video Production, Entertainment, Marketing, Video Editing, Marketing Strategy, Marketing Communications, Microsoft Office, Photoshop, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Microsoft Excel, Adobe Premiere, Final Cut Pro, ProTools, Logic Audio
Final Cut Pro (certified), Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Soundtrack Pro (certified), Logic Pro (certified), Pro Tools, DVD Studio Pro, Adobe Encore, Adobe After Effects, Motion, Final Cut Pro X, Final Draft, Adobe Photoshop, Camera Operator, On location Sound
English, Portuguese, Spanish, German, Curating, Cultural Management, Post Production, Video Editing, Video Production, Publishing, Sound Design, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Live Sound, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Creative Suite
Greek, Video Producer, Video Editor, Sound Designer, Sound, Audio Post Production, DVD authoring, Camera, Editing, Multimedia Authoring, Sound Editing, Post Production, Television, Video, Audio, Pro Tools
Italiano, Inglese, Music Production, Songwriting, Composition, Studio Recording, Music, Recording, Music Industry, Audio Engineering, Mastering, Songs, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Original Music, Guitar, Remixing
Английский, Немецкий, Pro Tools, Sound Forge, Logic Pro, Cubase, Vienna Ensemble Pro, Sound Design, Photoshop, Corel Draw
Inglés, Video Production, Editing, Television, Digital Media, Video Editing, Video, Broadcast, New Media, Photoshop, Mac OS, Redes sociales, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Creative Suite, Final Cut Pro, Posproducción
Books, Audio Production, Publishing, Content Development, Audio Engineering, Multimedia, Academic Publishing, Online Publishing, Creative Direction, Recording, Sound, Mac, Editing, Voice Over, Graphic Design
English, Bengali, Hindi, Audio Engineering, Music Production, Recording, Studio Recording, Live Sound, Sound Design, Music, Pro Tools, Composition, Mastering, Sound, Music Industry, Logic Pro, Audio Post Production, Video Editing, Post Production, Sound Editing, Graphic Design
English, French, Spanish, Chinese Mandarin, Sound Design, Sound Editing, Sound recording, Music recording and mix, Sound mix, broadcast mix, Voice over recording, Pro Tools, Enregistrement, Audio Engineering, Vidéo, Music, Design sonore, Monteur son, Video
Music Production, Pro Tools 10 (dialogue, premix, foley, sfx, music, final mix), Boom Operator, Location audio mixer/recordist, Microsoft Office, Max 5, Basic understanding of computer programming (C++, Java, Turing), Advanced music theory, Schenkerian analysis, Bass Guitar, Piano, Sound, Audio Post Production, Documentaries, Steinberg Nuendo, Video, Audio Engineering
English, Russian, Information Technology, Network Administration, Technical Support, Storage Management, Post Production, Audio Engineering, Sound Editing, Sound Mixing, Video, Music Production, Digital Media, Pro Tools, Web Development
Dialogue Editing, Sound Editing, Audio Post Production, Television, Sound Design, DVD, Audio, Audio Mixing, Video, Pro Tools, Sound, Audio Editing, Film, Post Production, Feature Films
German, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Sibelius, Sequoia, Audacity, Garageband, Final Cut Pro, Final Cut Studio, waveburner, Mixing, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Sound Editing, FX Derivatives, Music Production
Video Games, Audio, Sound Design, Sound Editing, Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Sound, Dialogue Editing, Console, PS3, Audio Post Production, Game Development, Field Recording, SFX, Computer Games
Creative Sound Designer, Mobile Digital Sound Studio, Mobile Sound Control VAN, Mastering, Sound, Live Sound, Editing, Studio Recording, Post Production, Recording, Media Production, Audio Mixing, Reality, Audio Engineering, Music
Final Cut Pro 7, Mac OS X 10.6.8, Microsoft Office, Native Instruments Software, Pro Tools, Film, Video Editing, Final Cut Pro