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Group: Nutrition Health Providers and Professionals
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English, Entrepreneurship, Marketing Strategy, Software Development, Storytelling, Animation, Video Production, Video, Software Design, Sales, Business Coaching, Web Video, Documentaries, Motion Design, Fundraising, Team Leadership
English, German, Danish, Swedish, Norwegian, Nutrition, Wellness, Lifestyle, Public Speaking, Stress Management, Nutritional Counseling, Healthcare, Coaching, Entrepreneurship, Alternative Medicine, Leadership, Clinical Research, Yoga, Chronic Illness, Nutraceuticals
Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Research, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Social Media, Time Management, Dietetics, Public Speaking, Athletics, Nutrition, Blogging
Project Planning, Sales, Business Development, Negotiation, Project Management, MS Project, Small Business, Customer Service, Renovation, Contract Negotiation, Marketing Strategy, Sales Management, Entrepreneurship, Process Scheduler, Contract Management
Anglais - Espagnol, Coach sevrage tabagique, Marketing Communications, Email Marketing, Management, Digital Marketing, Public Relations, Coaching diététique et nutrition, Suivi oncologique, Gestion de projet, New Business Development, Stratégie commerciale, Services de santé, Communication marketing, Français, Formation, Relations publiques
Healing, Chiropractic, Sciatica, Chronic Illness, Neck Pain, Low Back Pain, Headaches, Back Pain, Shoulder Pain, Whiplash, Migraine, Sports Injuries, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Pain, Wellness
Nutrition, Cooking, Food, Customer Service, Dietetics, Nutrition Education, Food Service, Sanitation, Health Education, Nutritional Counseling, Medical Nutrition Therapy
French, English, Spanish, Bilingual English-French, Ballroom and Latin dancing, Library, Customer Service, Cultural Awareness, Time Management, Highly detail oriented, Academic Writing, Always Punctual, SPSS, Critical Thinking, Teamwork, Qualitative Research, Bilingual-English/Spanish, Holistic Health
English, PeopleSoft, QuickBooks, Syteline ERP, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, Accounting, Bookkeeping, Team Building, Training
English, Spanish, Nutrition, Customer Service, Creative Writing, Nutrition Education, Microsoft Office, Data Entry, Dietetics, Food Science, Administrative Assistants, Diet, Diet Planning, Nutritional Counseling, Writing, Healthcare, Corporate Wellness
Nutrition Education, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition, Health Promotion, Clinical Nutrition, Food, Dietetics, Nutritional Analysis, Food Service, Health Education, Hospitals, Healthcare, Diabetes, Nutritional Counseling, Customer Service
Motivated self-starter, ServSafe, Menu Development, Focus Groups, Organization & prioritization skills, Behavior Change, PowerPoint, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Food Service, Social Media, Customer Service, Prezi, Dependable Team Player, Communication Skills
Coaching, Fitness, Nutrition, Smoking Cessation, Weight Management, Wellness, Wellness Coaching, Health Promotion, Lifestyle, Stress Management, Health Education, Nutritional Counseling, Dietetics, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition Education, Personal Training
Nutrition, Lifestyle, Wellness, Wellbeing, Nutritional Counseling, Stress Management, Supplements, Holistic Health, Fitness, Food, Weight Management, Healthcare, Wellness Coaching, HTML, Personal Development
Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics, IBS, Clinical Research, Diabetes, Gastroenterology, Health Promotion, Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Inpatient, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Hospitals, Health Education, Enteral Nutrition, Weight Management, Pediatrics, Bariatrics, Public Health
Dietetics, Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Community Nutrition, Nutrition Analysis, Food Systems, Food, Cooking, Menu Planning, Recipe Development, Food Safety, Non-profits, Management, Program Development, Program Evaluation
Italiano, English, French, Nutrition, Health education, Diet Planning, Dietetics, Diet, Food Science, Food Safety, Human Nutrition, Health Food, Science, Research, Lifesciences, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Health Education
English, Dutch, Research, Science, Conservation Issues, Sustainable Development, Sustainability, Nonprofits, Ecology, Social Media, Teaching, Biology, Life Sciences, Health, Healthy Lifestyle, Nutrition, Nutritional Counseling
Medicine, Board Certified, Surgery, Clinical Research, Hospitals, Healthcare, Treatment, Rehabilitation, Wellness, Nutrition, Chiropractic, Pain Management, Healing, Injury Treatment, Strength Training
English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Nutritional Counseling, Nutrition Education, Clinical Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Diabetes Education, Public Health, Dietetics, Diabetes, Clinical Research, ICU, Nutrition, Enteral Nutrition, Healthcare, Supplements, Health Education
Nutrition, Wellness, Wellness Coaching, Lifestyle, Supplements, Fitness, Healing, Sports Nutrition, Functional Training, Strength Training, Health Promotion, Weight Training, Lifestyle Coaching, Wellbeing, Nutrition Education
Nutritional Counseling, Nutrition, Public Health, Social Media, Nutrition Education, Public Speaking, Writing, Health, Sports Nutrition, Healthcare, Community Outreach, Training, Program Development, Marketing, Marketing Communications
Wellness Coaching, Nutrition, Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Stress Reduction, Diabetes, Wellness, Healthy Lifestyle, Corporate Wellness, Nutritional Counseling, Weight, Holistic Health, Lifestyle Coaching, Personal Training
Menu Development, Food, Recipes, Culinary Skills, Cooking, Catering, Nutrition, Restaurant Management, Event Management, Marketing, Sanitation, Event Planning, Customer Service, Budgets, Public Speaking, Food Safety, Curriculum Design
English, Portuguese, Spanish, Presentations, Wellness Coaching, Adult Education, Education, Health Education, Consultants, Dietetics, Diet Planning, Nutritional Counseling, Nutrition Education, Sports Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Certified Diabetes Educator, Diabetes Care, Diabetes Management
Spanish, English, Portuguese, Polish, Marketing Strategy, Sales Effectiveness, Pharmaceutical Industry, New Business Development, Market Research, Market Analysis, Strategic Planning, Sales Management, Negotiation, Online Advertising, Business Strategy, Pharmaceutical Sales, Marketing Communications, Marketing Management, Design for Manufacturing, Pharmacodynamics, Product Launch, Sales, Strategy
Persian, English, Research, Data Analysis, Microsoft Office, Teamwork, Science, Biotechnology, Fluorescence Microscopy, lipid analysis, HPLC-MS, In Vitro, In Vivo, Enzyme Assays, Biochemistry, Cell Culture, Report Writing
Nutrition, Quality Patient Care, CPR Certified, Vital Signs, Data Analysis, Microsoft Office
E-Learning, Teaching, Instructional Design, Microsoft Office, Public Speaking, Project Management, Social Media, Research, Educational Technology, Customer Service, Strategic Planning, HTML, Curriculum Design, Training, Photoshop
Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition, Dietetics, Clinical Research, Nutritional Counseling, Health Promotion, Public Health, Nutritional Analysis, Diabetes, Sports Nutrition, Human Nutrition, Wellness, Health Education
Marketing, Leadership, Customer Service, Sales, Management, Mergers, Banking, Investment Banking, Coaching, Small Business, Entrepreneurship, Public Speaking, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Wellness
Nutrition Education, Nutrition, Nutritional Counseling, Dietetics, Clinical Nutrition, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Health Promotion, Public Health, Pediatrics, Research, Fitness, Hospitals, Diabetes, Healthcare, Microsoft Office
English, German, French, Polish, Nutritional Counseling, Wellbeing, Herbal, Nutrition, Healing, Food, Mental Health, Treatment, Wellness, Supplements, Stress Management, Detoxification, Wellness Coaching, Holistic Health
English, Food Safety, ServSafe Certified, Sales, Marketing, Nutrition Education, Wellness, CBORD NSS/FSS Software, Room Service Patient Feeding Format, Staff Training, Public Speaking, Call Center Management, Staff Development, Menu Planning and Development, Start-ups, Labor Budget Management
English, German, Leadership, Small Business, Management, Public Speaking, Retail, Coaching, Event Planning, Customer Service, Sales, Team Building, Strategic Planning, Creative Direction, Wellness, Motivational Speaking, Direct Sales
  • Lead Clinical Dietitian / Special Projects / Co-Manager of Dining & Nutrition Services at York Hospital
Healthcare, Hospitals, Health Promotion, Health Education, Public Health, Nutrition, Clinical Nutrition, Community Outreach, Fundraising, Nutrition Services, Prevention, Customer Service, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Budgets, Financial Management, Food Security, Star-Plus POS Administrator, Public Speaking
Portuguese, Customer Service, Microsoft Office, Nutrition, Coaching, Social Media, Microsoft Word, Personal Training, Holistic Health, Budgets, Social Networking, Community Outreach, Microsoft Excel, Wellness, Culinary Skills, Menu Development
Social Skills, Creative, Good Communicator,, Team Building, Event Planning, Working With Children, Group Leadership, Sports, Team Leadership, Group Work, Group Presentations, Time Management, Volunteering, Teamwork, Social Media, Leadership, PowerPoint
English, Hindi, Marathi, Clinical Nutrition, Hospitality Management, Healthcare Management, Dietetics, Nutrition Consulting, Counseling Psychology, Hospital Management, Nutrition, Hospitals, Nutrition Education, Sports Nutrition, Healthcare, Nutritional Counseling, Fitness, Clinical Research
Hungarian, French, Meridian Reflex Technique (MRT) practitioner, Metabolic Typing practitioner, Functional Endocrinology practitioner, Digestive system repair, Intuitive, Herbal Medicine, Energy Medicine practitioner, Author, Speaker, Public Speaking, Herbal, Energy Healing, Wellness, Endocrinology, Weight
English, French, Spanish, Greek, Nutritional Counseling, Clinical Research, Clinical Nutrition, Dietetics, Sports Nutrition, Public Health, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutrition, Health Education, Healthcare, Diabetes, Hospitals, Nutrition Education, PowerPoint, Research, Public Speaking
English, Arabic, Nutrition, Pain Management, Nutritional Counseling, Wellness, Healthcare, Health Education, Public Health, Microsoft Office, Clinical Research, Management, Research, Hospitals, Public Speaking, Medicine, Strategic Planning
English, Latin, French, Mandarin Chinese, Blogging, Editing, Journalism, Magazines, Marketing, content marketing, Creative Writing, Books, Copywriting, Social Media, Publications, Diabetes, Multimedia, diabetes consulting, Copy Editing
English, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Naturopathy, Holistic Health, Wellness, Nutrition, Healing, Alternative Medicine, Wellbeing, Detoxification, Nutritional Counseling, Supplements, Wellness Coaching, Energy Healing, Weight
English, Italian, Nutrition, Food, Supplements, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical Industry, Pharmaceutical Sales, Nutritional Counseling, Nutrition Education, Social Networking, PnL, Wellness, Public Speaking, Life Sciences
English, Spanish, Customer Service, Nutrition, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Food Service Sanitation, Mac & PC platforms, Social Media, Food Service, Social Networking, Event Planning, Sales, Facebook, Public Speaking, Time Management, Community Outreach, Research, Food, Catering
Customer Service, Clinical Research, Public Speaking, Nutritional Counseling, Nutrition, Wellness, Prevention, Health Promotion, Dietetics, Weight Management, Community Outreach, Public Health, Nutrition Education, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Health Education
Nutrition, Nutrition Education, Dietetics, Health Education, Wellness, Health Promotion, Healthcare, Public Speaking, Medical Nutrition Therapy, Nutritional Counseling, Clinical Nutrition, Weight Management, Diabetes, Customer Service, Sports Nutrition
Mental Health Counseling, Christian counseling, Addiction Recovery, Disordered Eating, Dietetics, Group Therapy, Clinical Nutrition, Nutrition, Healthcare, Clinical Research, Healthcare Management, Nutrition Education, Health Education, Health Promotion, Psychotherapy
Weight Management, Blood Sugar Regulation, Food Allergies, Hormone Balancing, Digestive Issues, Gluten Intolerance, Detoxification, Energy & Mood Rejuvenation, Worksite Wellness Programs, Nutrition Based Cooking Classes, Nutritional Counseling, Nutrition, Rejuvenation, Employee Wellness, Holistic Health