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English, Indonesian, Music, Orchestral Music, Game Audio Implementation, Multi-instrumentalist, Film Scoring, Audio Engineering, Fruity Loops, Vector Illustration, Illustrator, Corel Draw, Photoshop, Creative Writing, Songwriting
Español, Inglés, Portugués, Alemán, Música, Música clásica, Orquesta, Educación musical, Gestión cultural, Artes escénicas, Fotografía, Teoría musical, Redes sociales, Community management, Música de cámara, Docencia
Music Production, Composition, Music, Composing, Soundtrack, Theatre, Audio Engineering, Songwriting, Recording, Songs, Production, Film Scoring, Sound Design, Logic Pro, Studio Recording, Audio Mixing, Film, Commercials, Producing
Communications Planning, Event Management, Tour Management, Music Industry, Marketing, Music Production, A&R, Social Networking, Social Media Marketing, New Media, Entertainment, Music, Concerts, Recording, Social Media, Record Labels
Recording, Music, Entertainment, Songs, Music Industry, Studio Recording, Songwriting, Music Production, Audio Mixing, Composition, Live Sound, Sound, Pro Tools, Audio Editing, Band
Italiano, Inglese, Insegnamento, Ricerca, Hang player, Batterista, Assistenza clienti, Social media, Organizzazione eventi, Gestione eventi, Intrattenimento, Musica, Produzione musicale, Pubbliche relazioni, Social media marketing, Social networking, Customer Service, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Word, Public Relations
Spanish, English, Demographics, Consensus Building, Public Relations, Contracts, Oral Presentation, Public Relations, Public Speaking, Publishing, Event Planning, Social Media, Editing, Media Relations, Fundraising, Event Management, Social Media Marketing, Blogging, Research, Leadership Development, Coaching
Recording, Music, Composition, Pro Tools, Drums, Ableton Live, Bass Guitar, Microsoft Office, Windows 7, Screenwriting, Music Production, Film Production, Concept Development, Keys, Sound
Italiano, Inglese, Francese
Guitar, Bass, Scoring, Drums, Composition, Music Production, Orchestral, Production, Music, Songwriting, Film Scoring, Orchestration, Original Music, Music Theory, Electronic Music
Music, Music Production, Music Industry, Musicians, Musical Background, Musical Instruments, Music Publishing, Musical Improvisation, Film Scoring, Post Production, Singer-songwriter, Songwriting, Songs, Entertainment, Ringtones, CDISC, CD covers
English, Romanian, Music, Songwriting, Composition, Music Publishing, Performing Arts, Commercials, Recording, Entertainment, Studio Recording, Music Industry, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Music Production, New Media, Advertising
Customer Service, Medical Billing, Bookkeeping, Office Management, Chiropractic, Physical Therapy, Account Reconciliation, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, Patient Support, Medical Coding, Job Estimating, Organizational Structure, Direct Patient Care, Business Strategy, Advertising
Spanish, Hebrew
Songwriting, Blues, Lyrics, Music, Music Industry, Band, Music Production, Guitar, Songs, Guitarist, Recording, Bass, Forest Management, Charcoal Making, Sound
Internet Entrepreneur, Direct Sales, Business Networking, Budget Monitoring, Savings, Income Tax, Marketing, Identity Theft, Work At Home, Marketing Strategy, Entrepreneurship, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Email Marketing, Digital Marketing
Musical Theatre, Music, Voice Over, Songs, Nonprofits, Music Production, Editing
  • Composer/Lyricist - Behind Closed Doors: The Musical at Self-employed
  • Composer/Lyricist/Vocalist/Arranger/Pianist - The Mots Nouveaux at Self-employed
  • Composer/Lyricist/Arranger - live theater, film, other at Self-employed
Writing, Arranging, Film Scoring, Composition, Songwriting, Music Production, Piano, Bass, Guitar, Making Coffee, Drinking coffee, Singing
English, French, Italian, Creative Writing, Songwriting, Cooking, Music, Television, Video, Composition, Theatre, Music Production, Singing, Sound Design
Music, Sound, Entertainment, Strategic Planning
Multi-Instrumentalist, Singer-Songwriter, CPhT, Indexer, Proofreader, Editorial Skills, Data Entry, free thinker, member of the Proletariat, microfilm operations, Information Management, Information Retrieval, watercolor artist, Iconoclast, reasonably Mature individual
English, Logic Pro, Final Cut Pro, Pro Tools, Sound Design, Video, Music, Sound, Composition, Recording, Editing, Multimedia, Audio Engineering, Entertainment, Film, Post Production
English, Catalan, Spanish, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe AfterEffects, Adobe Premiere, 3D Studio Max, Music, Music Production, Composition, Songwriting, Music Industry, Recording, Singing, Social Media, Music Education, Studio Recording, Audio Engineering
English, Japanese
  • Owner of Egoboo - Audio Post Production and Music Composition Services at Egoboo
Scandinavian, English
French- also Italian/German(to Sing in)
  • auteur compositeur chef de choeur & orchestre, correcteur de partition at Indépendant
  • O.P.T. (Outside Plant Technition) at AT&T
French, Composer, Songwriter, Arranger, Composition, Music, Guitar, Film, Classical, Television, Festivals, Radio, Soundtrack, Bands, Music Production, Recording
Russian, Swahili, English, Ukrainian, Hip Hop, Songwriting, Studio Recording, Music, Entertainment, Music Publishing, Singing, Songs, Performing Arts, A&R, Performing, rapping, Mcing, POP
English, German, Problem Solving, Strategic Planning, Community Outreach, New Business Development, Social Networking, Negotiation, Process Improvement, Event Planning, Advertising, Management, Event Management, Team Leadership, Music Industry, Leadership, Online Marketing, Entertainment, Music Theory
Music Production, Songwriting, Recording, Composition, Production, Music, Composing, Piano, Band, Teaching, Graphic Design, Photography, Photoshop, Original Music, MIDI
English, Swedish, Music Production, Audio Engineering, Orchestration, Film Scoring, Composition, Sound Design, Recording, Music, Logic Pro, Electronic Music, Soundtrack, MIDI, Original Music, User Experience, Sound Editing
English, ProTools HD, Ableton Live, Native Instruments Maschine, Drum programming, sampling, synthesizers, Basic Drums, Guitar, Bass, & Keyboard abilities, Music Production, Music Editing/Mixing, Film Scoring, Remixing, DJ/Live Musician, Tour Managing/Logistics, Recording, Pro Tools, Sound, Concerts
English, Spanish, Spanglish, Music Production, Composition, Band, Music Industry, Recording, Music, Music Publishing, Guitarist, Record Labels, Rock, Entertainment, Original Music, Songwriting, Studio Recording, Concerts
English, Film Scoring, Music, Music Production, Composition, Songwriting, Recording, Studio Recording, Singing, Audio Engineering, Songs, Music Education, Band, Piano, Music Theory, Rock, Sound Design
  • singer, music ediucation, Art Director at "I Am Mediterranien" World Jazz Music Festival, Tel-Aviv at Lana & Faustina Company