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Group: Music & Audio Professionals
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Magazines, Digital Journalism, Copywriting, Technology, Online Journalism, Wordpress, InDesign, Photoshop, Digital Photography, Consulting, Editorial, Publishing, Public Relations, Press Releases, Blogging
English, French, German, Experienced to professional level in Photoshop, Experienced to professional level in Microsoft Office, Experienced to professional level in Final Cut Pro, Experienced to professional level in After Effects, Experienced to professional level in LiveType, Experienced to professional level in Reason, Experienced to professional level in Pro Tools, Many years experience in Photography, Singer/songwriter, 12 years in the games industry, 4 years in Brand Management, 6 years in gaming magazine publishing, 3 years as an Editor of Official Nintendo Magazine, Professional writer, Experienced cameraman and film editor
Swedish, German, Norwegian, English, Music Production, Electronic Music, Record Labels, Mastering, Music, Ableton Live, Sound Design, Logic Pro, Music Industry, Studio Recording, Audio Editing, Audio Engineering, Video, Remixing, Mixer
Cakewalk Sonar, Sound Forge, Music Production, Adobe Director, Photoshop, Dreamweaver, CompTIA A+ Certification, Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Pastoral Theology, Graphic Design, Vibrational Healing, 3D Modeling, Adobe Audition, Adobe Acrobat
Recording, Performing, Producing, Music Production, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Band, Audio Engineering, Record Labels, Sound Design, Studio Recording, Audio Editing, Music, Mastering, Guitar
Google Adwords Professional, Wordpress, Google Analytics, MSN AdCenter, Content Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, HTML, Twitter, Social Media, WordPress, SEM, Social Networking
English, Greek, Afrikaans, Beginner French, Beginner German, Music, Guitar, Sound Design, music branding, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Photoshop, Photography, Designs, Concept Design, Concept Development, Audio Branding, Outboard Gear, Online Marketing, Remixing
English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Audio Post Production, Music Production, Film composer, Orchestration, Sound Design, Web Development, Web Design, Visual Effects, 2D Animation, Film director, Cinematographer, Post Production, Animation, Sound, Music
Graphic Design, Advertising, Marketing, Sound, Composition, Creative Direction, Business Strategy, Music, Social Media Marketing, Customer Service, Marketing Communications, Social Media, Art, Event Planning, Photoshop
Music Industry, Studio Recording, Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Post Production, Editing, Band, Guitar, Concerts, Sound, Recording, Sound Design, Music Production, Music, Composition
German, French, Music Production, Songwriting, Song Production, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Lighting, Lighting Design, Graphic Design, Stage Lighting, Performing Arts, Visual Arts, Arts, Artists, Media Production, Post Production
Live Sound, Stage Management, First Aid, Sound Reinforcement, Audio Engineering, Audio Mixing, Musical Theatre, Music Industry, Stage Lighting, Stage Performance, FOH, Microphones, Public Relations, Event Planning, Project Planning
English, Spanish, German, Broadcast, Radio, Radio Producing, Sound, Wordpress, Voice Over, Audio Editing, Radio Station Branding/Imaging... Sound Design... Marketing... Pixel Slicing, Television, Audio Engineering, Audio Post Production, Adobe Audition, Producing, New Media, Entertainment
Real Estate Transactions, Luxury Homes, Condos, Negotiation, Customer Service, Corporate Relocation, International Relocations, Marketing, Sales, Strategic Planning, Project Management, Client Relations, Management, Contract Negotiation, Property Lease Administration
Dutch, English, Sound Design, Sound FX Editing, Sound Editing, Audio Post Production, Pro Tools, Game Audio, Microsoft XACT, Steinberg Nuendo, Recording, Audio Engineering, Music Production, Film Sound, Studio Recording, Film, Teaching
English, French, Italian, Sound Design, Music Production, Audio Post Production, Music, Sound, Video Production, Short Films, Video, Festivals, Mastering, Theatre, Audio Engineering, Sound Editing, Art, Pro Tools, Sound design
Sound Editing, Live Sound, Sound Production, Sound Design, Music Production, Event Planning, Event Management, Music, Video Editing, AV, Editing, Festivals, FOH, Music Industry, Audio Post Production
English, Latin, Social Media, Facebook Marketing, Music Production, Research, Writing, Technical Support, Salesforce.com, Customer Service, WordPress, Microsoft Office, Logic Pro, Photography, Mac, Guitar, Data Entry
English, Spanish, Microsoft Word, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Customer Service, Public Speaking, Logic Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Drawing, Management, Teaching English as a Second Language, Translation, Music Production, Editing, Music, Nonprofits, Event Planning
English, French, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Recording, Music Production, Cooking, Chef, Web Design, HTML + CSS, Music, DJ, Mastering, Audio Post Production, Git, HTML, Ruby on Rails
Retail, Blogging, Merchandising, Fundraising, Sales, English, Fashion, Event Management, Marketing, Creative Writing, Social Networking, Leadership, Social Media Marketing, Teamwork, Community Outreach, Program Management, Copywriting, Social Media
German, Spanish, French, Russian, Audio Mastering, Music Composer, Financial Analysis, Composition, Photography, Financial Management, Audio, Music, Digital Media, Video, Production, New Media, Entertainment, Television, Multimedia
Dutch, English, Lyrics, Singing, Music, Writing, Production, Event Planning, Microsoft Office, Journalism, Research, Social Media, Editing, Public Relations, Television
Inglese, Music Production, Music, Recording, Music Industry, Studio Recording, Audio Engineering, Songwriting, Sound Design, Band, Composition, Pro Tools, Mastering, Sound Editing, Sound, Music Education
English, German, Music, Music Production, Recording, Studio Recording, Audio Engineering, Sound, Music Industry, Sound Design, Mastering, Pro Tools, Audio Post Production, Theatre, Rock, Logic Pro, Sound Editing
Português, Inglês, Composition, Film Scoring, Game Scoring, Music Production, Orchestration, Guitarist, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Film Production, Television
Ableton Live, Remixing, Songwriting, Music, DJ, Studio Recording, Music Production, Recording, Blogging, Music Industry, Social Media, Entertainment, Ableton, Music Theory, Photoshop, Audio Engineering, Music Publishing, Graphic Design, Composition
Sound Design, Unreal Engine 3, Field Recording, Pro Tools, Music, Recording, Sound, Composition, Studio Recording, Wwise, Audio Engineering, Xbox 360, Video Games, Audio Editing, Film, MIDI, Knife Skills, Mastering, Sound Editing
Songwriting, Original Music, Songs, Author, Social Media, Public Speaking, Social Media Marketing, Customer Service, Music, Management
Inglês, Espanhol, Francês, Português, Produção musical, Composition, Gravação, Mídias sociais, Masterização, Pro Tools, Música, Vídeo, Mastering, Televisão, Music Production, Entretenimento, Redação, Microsoft Office
Spanish, Singing, Songwriting, Drawing, Crochet, Music, Guitar, Bass Guitar, Air-powered tools, Cooking, photography, Music Production, Art, Photography, Acoustic Guitar, Keyboards
English, Dutch, German, French, Tour Management, Sound, Music, Concerts, Audio Engineering, Live Sound, Music Management, Music Industry, Band, Stage Management, Production Managment, Professional Audio, Concert Production, Live Events, Sound Reinforcement
Partnerships, Music, Music Industry, Digital Marketing, Social Media, Online Advertising, Mobile Applications, Mobile Advertising, Facebook Marketing, Google Adwords, A&R, Music Management, Email Marketing, Online Journalism, Recording
English, Sound, Music Creation, Digidesign Pro Tools, Cubase, Nuendo, MIDI sequencing, Lyric Writing, Computer Music, Mastering, Digital Recording, Mixing, Studio Recording, Record Labels, Music Management, Audio Engineering
Spanish, Social Media, Social Networking, Music, Event Planning, Event Management, Community Outreach, Customer Service, Public Speaking, Research, Teamwork, Leadership
Music, Music Production, Music Industry, Social Networking, Teaching, Band, Social Media Marketing, Event Management, Singing, Marketing, Event Planning, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Higher Education, Social Media
Recording, Graphic Design, Business Management, Production, Music, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Audio Mixing, Audio Post Production, Singing, Music Production, Web Design, Record Labels, Marketing, Sound
Music Industry, Rock, Songs, Songwriting, Band, Vocal Performance, Music Production, Music Videos, Recording, Guitar, Singing, Composition, Audio Engineering, Musicians, Original Music
Music Production, Music, Music Industry, Sound, Vocal, Recording, Songwriting, Talent Management, DJ, Composition, Studio Recording, Audio Engineering, Entertainment, Pro Tools, Sound Design
Music Production, Audio Engineering, Studio Recording, Pro Tools, Audio Mixing, Team Management, Orchestral Recording, Scoring to Picture, Video Game Audio, Guest Lecturing, Mixer, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Recording, Composition
Deutsch, Englisch, Französisch, Spanisch, Russisch, Business Strategy, Business Planning, Strategy, Management Consulting, Entrepreneurship, Negotiation, New Business Development, Mergers & Acquisitions, Management, Financial Analysis, Strategic Planning, Financial Modeling, Start-ups, Team Leadership, Marketing Strategy
  • Music Producers/Composers for Film, Videos and Radio Jingles. at self employed
Music Production, Studio Recording, Art, Music, Sound Design, Entertainment, Composing, Audio Mixing, Live Events, Recording
Library, Archives, Research, Cataloging, Editing, Library Research, Information Literacy, Library Science, Archival Research, History, Microsoft Office, Anthropology, Museum Collections, Social Media, Teaching
Advertising, Email Marketing, Photography, Event Photography, concert photography, Graphic Design, Publishing, Desktop Publishing, Digital Magazines, Online Publishing, Adobe Creative Suite, Magazines, InDesign, Brochures, QuarkXPress
Italian, English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, Social Media, Community Management, Google Analytics, HootSuite, Teamwork, Customer Service, Customer Engagement, Customer Support, Management, New Media Art, Photoshop, Music Production, Cubase, Logic Pro, Digital Copyright, Microsoft Office, Mac OS, Audio Editing, Sound Mixing
Inglese, Sound, Audio Engineering, Music, Facebook, YouTube, Sound Design, Music Production, Recording, New Media, Pro Tools, Audio Post Production, Mastering, Music Industry, Sound Editing, Professional Audio
Audio Engineering, Real Estate, Paralegal, Production, Advertising, Broadcast, Entertainment, Promotions, Social Media, Online Marketing, Audio, Voice Over, Recording, Radio, Media Production
Music, Entertainment, Social Media, Vocal Coaching, Social Networking, Music Industry, Public Speaking, Guitarist, Singing, Web Design, Operations Management, Management, Network Security, Customer Service, Microsoft Office
Inglese, Medio (1100-1500), Information Technology, Informatica, Information Security, Audio Post Production, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Professional Audio, Video Production, Video Editing