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Group: International Film & Video Production Forum
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English, Video, Video Production, Documentaries, Editing, Digital Media, Media Production, Film Production, Art, Post Production, Camera, New Media, Final Cut Pro, Video Editing, Web Video, Research
Video Production, Film, Weddings, Video Editing, Post Production, Commercials, Video, Film Production, Documentaries, Parties, Music Videos, Documentary, Production, Camera, Feature Films
French, English, Spanish, Video Production, Music Videos, Directing, Film Production, Feature Films, Post Production, Short Films, Television, Independent Film, Cinematography, Video Editing, Motion Graphics, Visual Effects, Film, Media Production
Feature Films, Film, Film Production, Documentaries, Television, Video Production, Commercials
French, Director, Editor, DP, Television, Video Production, Production, Music Videos, Commercials, Reality, TV production, Post Production, Documentaries, Film Production, Documentary, Video
Avid, Final Cut Pro, Editing, Video, Avid Media Composer, Film, Broadcast, Music Videos, Short Films, Digital Video, Directing, Post Production, Video Production, YouTube, Television, Video Editing, HD Video, Film Production, After Effects
Portrait Photography, Video Production, Event Photography, Video, Artwork, Photography, Final Cut Pro, Art, Editing, Music, Film, Digital Photography, Videography, Documentaries, Camera
Color Grading, Podcast Production, Social Media, Motion Graphics, Short Films, Viral Marketing, Viral Video, Digital Photography, Feature Writing, Video Blogging, Producing, Video, New Media, Content Strategy, Digital Media
Public Speaking, Social Media, Teaching, Editing, Social Networking, Research, Event Planning, Non-profits, Creative Direction, Music, Writing, Public Relations, Event Management, Marketing, Microsoft Excel
Film, Film Production, Feature Films, Short Films, Television, Documentaries, Television Production, Production, Motion Pictures, Entertainment, Filmmaking Coach, Filmmaking Workshops, Film Director, First Assistant Director, Social Media
Editing, Video Production, Media Production, Television, Documentaries, Film Production, Journalism, Storytelling, Producing, Advertising, Camera, Media Relations, Digital Media, Drama, HD Video
Social Media Marketing, Public Relations, Research, Google Adwords, Organizational Effectiveness, WordPress, Blogging, Multi-tasking Capabilities, Information Analysis, Fast Paced Environment, Problem Solving, SPSS, Creative Writing, Contract Negotiation, Supplier Negotiation
English, Urdu, Post Production, Editing, Documentaries, Voice Over, Cinematography, Creative Direction, Broadcast, Video, Television, Crisis Management, Entertainment, Film Production, Storytelling, Music Videos, Film
Broadcast, Video Production, Video Editing, Final Cut Pro, Social Media, InDesign, Avid Media Composer, Videography, Video, Television, Digital Media, Entertainment, Editing, Avid, Journalism, Film Production, News Writing, Broadcast Journalism
Français, Anglais, Espagnol, Advertising, Blogging, Video Production, Photo Shoot Production, Facebook, French, Pack Office, English, Entertainment, Communication Skills, Travel, Commercials, Publicité, Divertissement
English, Malayalam, Tamil, Hindi, Television, Documentaries, Broadcast, Film, Producing, Storytelling, Media Production, New Media, Multimedia, Video, Web Video, Film Production, Video Production, Digital Media, Entertainment
Spanish, English, Manage and motivate team to increase sales while ensuring efficiency, Provide quality customer service, Adhere to company policies and procedures, Portrait Photography, photo editing, Management, Customer Service, Motivation, Sales, Social Media Marketing, Image Editing, Photography, Public Speaking, Team Building, Video Production
Web Design, Illustration, Print Collateral Design, Graphic Design, Logo Design, Interior Design, Digital Illustration, Vector Illustration, Painting, Digital Painting, Oil Painting, Hand Drawing, Art Direction, Photography, Photo Editing
English, German, Middle High (ca.1050-1500), Czech, polish, Weddings, Film, Photos, Art, Video Production, Online Marketing, Social Media, Video Editing, Photography, Film Production, Documentaries, Special Event, Customer Service, Cinematography, Film Editing
Japanese, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Commercials, Character, Radio, Digital Media, Broadcast, Podcasting, Documentary, Blogging, Storytelling, Animation, Wordpress, Acting, Jewellery Design
English, Korean, Martial Arts, Screenwriting, Film Production, Final Draft, Short Films, Final Cut Pro, Fluent Korean and English, Translation, Interpretation, Film Criticism, Critical Analysis, Critical Thinking, Adobe Premiere, TaekwonDo Instructor, Film
Video, Film, Film Production, Documentaries, Videography, Media Production, Music Videos, Editing, Final Cut Studio, Music, Camera Operating, Post Production, Social Media, Commercials, Audio Post Production
English, Malay, Cantonese, Commercials, Film Production, Post Production, Film, Video Production, Producing, Television, Music Videos, New Media, Documentaries, Pre-production, Video, Production Managment, Feature Films, Short Films
Field Producing, Reality, Avid Media Composer, Television Production, Avid, Restaurant Management, Restaurant Marketing
English, Avid, Final Cut Pro, Video, Avid Media Composer, HD Video, After Effects, Television, Video Editing, Video Production, Storytelling, Film, Broadcast, Color Correction, Media Production, Photoshop
English, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, FileMaker, Microsoft Office, Mac OS, Negotiation, Film, Film Production, Television, Short Films, Post Production, Commercials
English, Georgian, Video Production, Creative Direction, Film Production, Commercials, Post Production, Film, Video Editing, Final Cut Pro, Media Production, Television, Premiere, Producing, Screenwriting, Film Editing, Animation
Punjabi, Bhojpuri, Rajasthani, Television, Post Production, Film, Creative Direction, Video Production, Advertising, Digital Media, Film Production, Screenwriting, Short Films, Feature Films, Video, Documentaries, Broadcast, Entertainment
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Music Industry, Music, Entertainment, Recording, A&R, Music Publishing, Social Networking, Music Production, Music Licensing, Songs, Record Labels, Songwriting, Mastering, Music Management, Music Supervision, Original Music, Studio Recording, R
English, French, German, Spanish, Production, Video, Editing, Final Cut Pro, Multimedia, Fundraising, Writing, Copywriting, Non-profits, Film, Proposal Writing, Post Production, Film Production, Avid Editor
English, Urdu, Punjabi, Sindhi, Team Leadership, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, After Effects, DaVinci Resolve, Apple Color, Apple Motion, Photoshop, Illustrator, Digital Compositing, Animation, Creative Concept Design, Advertising, Time Management, Brand Activation
Cinematographer, Creative Writer, Digital Media, Film, Video, Photography, Film Production, Camera, HD Video, Video Editing, Final Cut Pro, Short Films, Production Managment, Post Production, Creative Direction
Leadership, Management, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Sales, Business Development, Lead Generation, Venture Capital, Finance, CRM, adver, Advertising, Digital Marketing, Digital Media, Social Media, E-commerce, Online Marketing
  • Presentation coach / director / presenter / actor
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Producer, Director, Studio, Green screen studio, Video studio, TVC, Web Video, Mobile phone video, Corporate video, Video, Producing, Video Production, Television, Commercials, Directing
Video Production, Video, Public Speaking, Documentaries, Advertising, Broadcast, Management, Project Management, Leadership, Strategic Planning, Networking, Public Relations, Marketing, Editing, Social Networking
Final Cut Pro, Sketching, Drawing, Painting, Animation, Graphic Design, Art, Photography, Editing, Film, Video, Video Editing, Photoshop, Creative Direction, Video Production, Ninja Skills, Sword Fighting, Hip-Hop Dance, Figure Skating
English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Chinese, Food, Food Service, Beverage Industry, Beverage Development, Alcoholic Beverages, Food & Beverage, Energy Drinks, Restaurants, Food Quality, Marketing, Beer, Catering, Entrepreneurship, Food Industry, Integrated Marketing
Video Production, Film Production, Video Editing, Video, Videography, Documentaries, Social Media, New Media, Editing, Final Cut Pro, Science Communication, Digital Media, Event Management, Film, User Experience
Marketing Strategy, Web Design, Photography, Web Content, Video Production, Video Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Graphic Design, Website Graphics, E-commerce, Copywriting, Online Marketing, Product Design, Creative Direction, Creative Content, Creative Arts
Research, Data Analysis, Editing, Community Development, Intercultural Communication, Exceptionally well organized, Networking, Highly Reliable, Enthusiasm to learn, Determined to Succeed, Project Planning, Emergency Management, Leadership, Disaster Response, Travel Writing
English, Mandarin, Spanish, French, Film Production, Documentaries, Film, Television, Producing, Spanish-speaking, Feature Films, Screenwriting, Video, Storytelling, Music, Camera, Video Production, Camera Operating
Sound Design, Location Recording, Field Recording, Audio Post Production, Dialogue Editing, Pro Tools, Film, Sound Editing, Post Production, Documentaries, Directing, Producing, Logic Pro, Feature Films, Commercials
French, Spanish, Italian, German, Photoshop, Photography, Video Compression, Video Coding, Illustrator, Graphic Design, Quicktime, Encoding, Transcoding, DVD Studio Pro, Final Cut Studio, Soundtrack Pro, Digital Video, Non-linear Editing, New Media
Spanish, Final Cut Pro, Music Videos, Camera Operating, Project Management, Executive Coaching, Television, Workshop Facilitation, Social Networking, Social Media, Talent Management, Social Media Marketing, Leadership Development, Workshops, Organizational Development, Training
Adobe Premiere, Film Production, Camera, Arri Alexa, Post Production, Film, Video Editing, Video, Canon DSLR, Cinematography, Adobe Creative Suite, Pro Tools, After Effects, Video Production, Commercials
French, Haitian Creole, Word, Excel, Service Excellence, Video Production, Event Videography, Videography, Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Creative Suite, Eye For Detail, Situational Leadership, Team Leadership, Video Editing, Online Video
Videography, Photography, Producing, Editing, Corporate Events, Creative Direction, Web Design, Team Management, Documentaries, Digital Marketing, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Canon DSLR, Marketing Strategy, Sales
English, Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Premiere, After Effects, Color Correction, DV, HD, Photoshop, Word, Excel, Maya, Mac, Pro Tools, Filemaker Pro, P2
  • Editor +graphic at KTVQ
Editing, Television, Video Production, Video Editing, Final Cut Pro, Journalism, Photoshop, Video, Broadcast