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Group: High Frequency Quantitative Trading Network
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Front-end, Node.js, jQuery, Web Development, CSS, JavaScript, Web Design, HTML, User Experience, User Interface Design, C#, .NET, WPF, Java, Backbone.js
C, C++, C#, Java, VBA, MQL4, MQL5, Ninjatrader, Trading Systems, MetaTrader, ECN, Electronic Trading, Quantitative Finance, Statistical Arbitrage, Automated Trading
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English, Market Analysis, Financial Analysis, Trading, Software Development, Strategic Planning, FX trading, Trading Strategies, Trading Systems, Strategy
Sybase, Java, EMS, .NET, Equities, Equity Derivatives, R, FIX, Convertible Bonds, Microsoft SQL Server, Trading, VBA, Access Database, TIBCO, RFA, FX trading, High Frequency Trading, Order Management
Financial Markets, Fixed Income, Foreign Exchange, Trading, eFX
Italiano, Inglese
SOA, Java Enterprise Edition, MySQL, Java, Hibernate, Struts, SQL, Eclipse, Solaris, UML, XML, Tomcat, Agile Methodologies, CVS, Integration
Asset Managment, Financial Markets, Quantitative Investing, Equity Trading, Executive Search, Statistical Arbitrage, Hedge Funds, Global Macro
C#, Subversion, Quantitative Finance, Trading Systems, Equities, Market Data, Electronic Trading, Bloomberg, Quantitative Analytics, Trading, KDB, Spring, Design Patterns, Multithreading
Trading Systems, Statistical Arbitrage, Quant, Quantitative Research, Machine Learning, Black Box, Electronic Trading, Hedge Funds, Commodities, Equities, Proprietary Trading, FX, Fixed Income, Derivatives, Options
Russian, English, Swedish, Java, С++, Linux, Qt, Design Patterns, Matlab, R, Qpile, Metastock, Omega, OxMetrics, SQL, Orc Trader, Front Arena, Stochastic Processes
English, Trading Systems, Equities, Options, Derivatives, Fixed Income, Electronic Trading, Equity Derivatives, Investment Banking, Low Latency, Capital Markets
  • Research Intern at IBM
Algorithms, Machine Learning, Quantitative Finance, Economics, Statistical Arbitrage, Trading Strategies, Trading Systems, Electronic Trading, Proprietary Trading, Derivatives, Quantitative Analytics
Business Strategy, Data Analysis, Problem Solving, Simulations, Statistics, Research, Algorithms, Modeling, Microsoft Office
Trading Systems, Equities, Trading Strategies, Electronic Trading, Equity Trading, Smart Order Routing, Market Data, Securities, Fixed Income, Equity Derivatives, Quantitative Investing, Trading System, Derivatives, Trading, Routing, FX trading, FX Options, Options, Capital Markets
Trading Strategies, Electronic Trading, Trading Systems, Equities, Hedging, Trading, Series 7, Hedge Funds, Portfolio Management, Risk Management, Financial Modeling, Market Data, Asset Management, Statistical Arbitrage, Proprietary Trading
English, Chinese
  • President and CEO at Convergex
  • Executive Vice-President, Transaction Services at NASDAQ
日本語, English
English, French, German
C#, .NET, SQL, Matlab, C++, Microsoft SQL Server, VBA, Bloomberg, Multithreading, WPF, WinForms, IBM Websphere Commerce, XML
  • Fixed Income and Currencies Trading Desk Intern at BNP Paribas
Chinese, Quantitative Finance, Data Mining, Machine Learning, Stochastic Modeling, Option Pricing Models, Numerical Analysis, Python, Matlab, C/C++ STL, VBA, Statistics, Mathematica, SQL, Bloomberg, R, Linux, LaTeX, Derivatives, Financial Analysis
English, Chinese, Contonese, Matlab, VBA, Java, C++, C language, R, LaTeX, SAS, Unix, Bloomberg, Python, Forthan
English, French
Trading Systems, C++, Multithreading, Java, Sybase, C#, Fixed Income, Derivatives, STL, Low Latency, SQL, VBA, Perl, Equities, .NET
Financial Markets, Trading, Derivatives, Trading Strategies, Options, Trading Systems, Quantitative Finance, Traders, Quantitative Analytics, Electronic Trading, Bloomberg, Commodity, Financial Modeling, Portfolio Optimization, Proprietary Trading, Hedge Funds, Market Making, FX trading, Statistical Arbitrage
Italian, Equities, Trading, Electronic Trading, Fixed Income, Hedge Funds, SPHR, Recruiting, Talent Management, Comp and Benefits, Employee Relations, Options, FINRA, Quantitative Analytics, Derivatives, Proprietary Trading
Project Planning, English, C++, Analysis, Accounting, Process Improvement, Microsoft Excel
Russian, English, C, C++, Performance Tuning, Embedded Systems, Java, Operating Systems, OOAD, Communication Protocols, Reverse Engineering, Functional Support, Assembly Language, Data Profiling, Multithreading, Unix, JVM
VBA, SAS, Quantitative Finance, Matlab, C++, Cluster Analysis, R, Predictive Modeling, Artificial Neural Networks, Data Mining, Financial Engineering, Monte Carlo Simulation, Derivatives, Financial Modeling, SQL Server
French, English, Trading, Equities, Quant, Statistical Arbitrage, Equity Derivatives, Arbitrage, High Frequency Trading, Delta One, Proprietary Trading, Trading Systems, Market Making, Electronic Trading, Trading Strategies, Equity Trading, Hedge Funds