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Group: Game Audio
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English, Greek, French, Spanish, Web Development, Web Design, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Facebook Marketing, Sound Design, Pro Tools, Sound, Dialogue Editing, Logic Pro, Audio Editing, Guitar, Music Production, Piano, Recording
Recording, Performing, Producing, Music Production, Logic Pro, Pro Tools, Band, Audio Engineering, Record Labels, Sound Design, Studio Recording, Audio Editing, Music, Mastering, Guitar
Creative Problem Solving, Studio Recording, Music Production, Sound Design, Video Production, Video Editing, Software Project Management, Software Design, Screenwriting, Live Sound, Drums, SEO, Analytics, Audio Post Production, Sound Editing
DSP, Audio, Algorithms, 3D, C++, Programming, C, Audio Engineering, Embedded Systems, Software Development, Windows, Matlab, Visual Studio, Electronics, Software Engineering
C++, PC, PS3, Mac OS X, Audio, Digital Audio, Wwise, FMOD, Video Game Development, Game Programming, Computer Graphics, DirectX, OpenGL, Unreal Engine 3, MMO
English, Video, Sound, Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Producing, Video Production, Film, Post Production, Video Editing, Camera, Final Cut Pro, Real Estate, Real Estate Transactions, Commercial Real Estate, Audio Post Production, Sound Design, Recording
Dutch, English, Sound Design, Sound FX Editing, Sound Editing, Audio Post Production, Pro Tools, Game Audio, Microsoft XACT, Steinberg Nuendo, Recording, Audio Engineering, Music Production, Film Sound, Studio Recording, Film, Teaching
Music Production, Audio Engineering, Audio Mixing, Composer, Sound Design, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Music Creation, Music Industry, Piano, Keyboardist, Hammond Organ, Final Cut Pro, Voice Over, Video Editing
English, German, Polish, Video Games, Marketing Strategy, Public Relations, Marketing, Game Development, Product Management, Copywriting, Management, Business Development, Market Research, Game Design, B2B, Writing, Publishing, Brand Management
Guitarist, Game Development, Game Design, Video Games, Xbox 360, Wwise, PS3, Sound Design, Audio Post Production, FMOD, Field Recording, Wii, Game Audio, Mobile Games, Online Gaming
Sound Editing, Live Sound, Sound Production, Sound Design, Music Production, Event Planning, Event Management, Music, Video Editing, AV, Editing, Festivals, FOH, Music Industry, Audio Post Production
Sound Design, Pro Tools, Sound, Audio Engineering, Sound Forge, Orchestration, Unreal Editor, Digital Performer, Recording, Composition, Wwise, Video Games, Music, Post Production, FMOD
Português, Inglês, Composition, Film Scoring, Game Scoring, Music Production, Orchestration, Guitarist, Pro Tools, Sibelius, Film Production, Television
English, Bokmål, Norwegian, Dutch, Hebrew, Spanish, Pro Tools, Sound Design, Sound recording, Foley, Sound Editing, PHP, MySQL, HTML 5, Game Audio, Dialog recording, Dialogue Editing, Recording, Sound, Music Production, Software Development
Xbox 360, Video Games, PS3, Unreal Engine 3, Game Development, Audio Post Production, FMOD, Wwise, Game Design, Perforce, Unreal Editor, SFX, Sound, Sound Design, Dialogue Editing
Music Production, Audio Engineering, Studio Recording, Pro Tools, Audio Mixing, Team Management, Orchestral Recording, Scoring to Picture, Video Game Audio, Guest Lecturing, Mixer, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Recording, Composition
Swedish, English, Android, Java, Sound Design, Music Programming, Spring Framework, Spring Cloud, Modular Synthesis, Sound, C++, Audio Engineering, Docker, Music Production, Audio Processing, Composition, Recording
  • Music Producers/Composers for Film, Videos and Radio Jingles. at self employed
Music Production, Studio Recording, Art, Music, Sound Design, Entertainment, Composing, Audio Mixing, Live Events, Recording
English, Live Events, Sound, Live Sound, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Audio Processing, Machine Learning, Matlab, Computer Science, Digital Audio, C++, Event Management, Lighting Design, LaTeX, Creative Problem Solving
Interactive Music, MaxMSP, Sound Design, Wwise, Field Recording, Game Development, Logic Pro, Xbox 360, Composition, Video Games, Unreal Engine, Unity3D, Audio Post Production, Sound Editing, FMOD, Level Design, Pure Data, Perforce, Adobe Audition
Recording, Studio Recording, Sound, Sound Design, Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Sound Editing, Audio Mixing, Digidesign Pro Tools, Mastering, MIDI, Audio Post Production, Field Recording, Composition, Live Sound, Music
English, Audio Engineering, Composition, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Sound Mixing, Music Production, Budgeting, Mastering, Sound, Pro Tools, Recording, Music, Music Industry, Audio Mixing
Italiano, Inglese, Francese, Tedesco, Music, Suono, Composizione, Guitar, Steinberg Nuendo, Sound, Ableton Live, Composition, Soundtrack, english advanced speaker, French to English, German, Italian languages, Logic Pro X, Sound Editing
Spanish, Portuguese, Sound Design, Sound, Music, Entertainment, Dialogue Editing, Voice Over, Film, Composition, Pro Tools, Video Games, Video, Wwise, FMOD, SFX, Sound Editing
Video Games, Sound Design, MMO, Quality Assurance, Sound, Game Development, Composition, 3D Studio Max, Audio Engineering, Xbox 360, Field Recording, Sound Editing, Computer Games, Game Design, Gameplay
Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Recording, Audio Post Production, Music, Video Games, Sound, Sound Editing, Pro Tools, Sound Mixing, Logic Pro, Studio Recording, Audio Editing, Music Production, Game Development, Mastering, Unreal Engine, Video Game Production
Music composition, Music engineering, Orchestration, Music Production, Sound Design, Audio Direction, Music Licensing, Music Publishing, Music Consulting, A&R Administration, Composition, Voice Over, Film, Television
  • Composer, Electronic Music Programmer, Performer at NOBOT
  • Sound Designer / Composer / Mixer at BWN Music
Foley, Audio Editing, Sound Design, Composition, Sound, Film Scoring, FMOD, Dialogue Editing, Voice Over, Hansoft, Reaper, Music Production, Recording, Pro Tools, Field Recording
English, German, Polish, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Propellerhead Reason, Avid Pro Tools, Course Coordination, Course Development, Music Production, Live Performance, Sound Design, Field Recording, Composing, Event Planning, Teaching, Electronic Music, Music
Video Games, Xbox 360, Computer Games, Sound, Game Design, Game Development, Console, Wii, Unreal Engine 3, PS3, Perforce, MMORPG, MMO, Wwise, FMOD, Unreal Editor
Audio Mixing, 3D animation, Video Production, Sound Design, Film, Broadcast, Composition, Music, Foley, Motion Graphics, Licensing, Visual Effects, 3D Modeling, Computer Animation, Audio Engineering
Japanese, Voice Acting, Voice Over, Commercials, Character, Radio, Digital Media, Broadcast, Podcasting, Documentary, Blogging, Storytelling, Animation, Wordpress, Acting, Jewellery Design
English, Sound Design, Music Production, Studio Recording, Audio Engineering, Pro Tools, Composition, Sound, Foley, Field Recording, Voice Over, Ableton Live, Logic Pro, Recording, Post Production, Music, Video Games, FMOD, Film
Français, English, Pro Tools, Cubase, Logic Pro, Studio One, Wwise, Mixing, Post Production, Sound Editing, Sound Design, Live Sound, Digital Recording
Finnish, English, Swedish, 1337, Audio Design, Game Music, Sound Effects, Metal Music, Orchestration, Composition, Ambiences, Sound Mixing, Studio Recording, Cubase, Sound Forge, Mastering, Audio for Marketing, Arranging, Sound Editing
Español, English, Sound Design, Re-recording Mixing, Audio Post Production, Sound Editing, Public Address, Pro Tools HD and HDX, Digital Performer, Peak, Final Cut Pro, Ableton Live, Reason, Nuendo, Cubase, Finale, Sibelius
English, French, Recruiting, Performance Appraisal, Project Management, Administrative Work, HR Consulting, HR Policies, Job Descriptions, Employee Relations, Talent Management, Performance Management, Talent Acquisition, Human Resources, Technical Recruiting, Screening, Interviews
English, French, Composition, Sound Design, Music Production, Video Game Composition, Film Scoring, MIDI sequencing, Singing, Logic Pro, Jazz, Songwriting, Orchestration, Sibelius, Audio Editing, Rock, Bass Guitar, Electric Guitar, Audio Post Production, Music, Video Games
Sound Design, Dialogue Editing, Audio Post Production, Wwise, FMOD, Foley, SFX, Field Recording, Pro Tools, Sound Editing, Unreal Engine 3, Sound, Video Games, Game Design, Cubase
Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Audio Post Production, Audio Processing, Professional Audio, Live Sound, Music, Music Production, Music Industry, Video Editing, Video Production, Recording, Sound, Digital Audio, Music Theory
Composition, Sound Design, Music Production, Audio Engineering, Music, Film Scoring, Digital Signal Processing, Video Games, Recording, Pro Tools, Game Design, Game Development, Writing, Orchestration, Soundtrack, Unreal Engine 3
Russian, Ukrainian, Hebrew, Audio Engineering, Live Sound, Professional Audio, Pro Tools, Sound, Recording, Testing, DSP, Audio, Mac, Windows, Audio Processing, Music Production, Sound Design, Production
English, Marketing Strategy, Online Marketing, Business Strategy, Advertising, Social Media Marketing, Social Media, Music Production, Event Planning, Event Management, Events Coordination, Special Events, Event Photography, Hosting Services, Artistic Vision, Artist Developement
  • CEO at Big wheels studio, Red libraries. Sound designer-Music composer at Big Wheels studio
Studio Recording, Audio Post Production, Mix Engineer, Sound Design, Musicians, Field Recording, Music Production, Teamwork, Team Management, Audio Engineering, Outsourced Solutions, Musical Direction, PS3, Wii, Professional Audio
Film Scoring, Post Production, Film Production, Music Production, Avid, Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Logic Pro, Reason, Roland Orchestral, Symphonic Choirs East and West, Piano, Synthesizer, Roland, Behringer
Music, Sound Design, Sound, Video Games, Field Recording, Music Production, Composition, Pro Tools, Sound Editing, Mastering, Studio Recording, Audio Post Production
French, Production, Pre-production, Recording, Mixing, Mastering, Audio Restoration, Live Recording, Live Sound, Studio Recording, Sound Reinforcement, Ringtones, Digital Recording, Studio Design, Signal Flow, FOH
English, Greek, German, Interaction Design, Human Computer Interaction, Virtual Reality, Digital Media, Whole Body Interaction, Research, Lecturing, Teaching, Sound Design, Artificial Intelligence, Video Games, New Media, Research Design, Modeling, Image Processing
Television, Commercials, Video Production, Broadcast, Sound, Sound Design, Video Games, Music, New Media, Composition, Entertainment, Online Advertising, Recording, Post Production, Sound Mixing, Branded Content, Music Production
Pro Tools, Digital Audio, Audio recording, Logic Pro, Research, Wavelab, Premiere, Audio Engineering, Audio Editing, Audio Post Production, Professional Audio, Outlook, Audio Processing, Audio Interfaces, English