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Group: Film Music Jobs
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Polish, English, Russian, Spanish, Customer Service, Sales Management, Web Project Management, Writing, Social Media Marketing, Film, Editing, Translation, Social Media, Social Networking, Entertainment, Advertising, Blogging, Digital Media, Public Relations
Acting, Singing, Musical Direction, Stage Shows, Film, Television, Composition, Stage, Advertising, Concerts, Drama, Improvisation, Performing Arts, Directing, Short Films
Entertainment, Marketing Strategy, Television, Public Relations, Customer Service, Video Production, Public Speaking, Strategic Planning, Marketing, Event Management, Film, Advertising, Event Planning, Social Media Marketing, Online Advertising
Management, Social Media, Social Networking, Marketing, Video, Microsoft Office, Television, Sales, Broadcast, Writing
  • musician under moniker of Bangalore, founder - Imaginary Future Records, writer at Obvious, Inc. at
  • owner/founder at Imaginary Future Records
Record Labels, Music Licensing, Music, Music Industry, Songwriting, Recording, Music Production, Band, Pro Tools, Guitar, Audio Engineering, Mastering, Logic Pro, Audio Post Production, Concerts
Italiano, Inglese, Sound Design, Composition, Sound Mixing, Audio Engineering, Music Production, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Post Production, MaxMSP, Film Scoring, Sound, MIDI, Csound, Foley, Sound Editor, Music, Studio Recording, Recording
English, Video Editing, Photoshop, Film Production, Final Cut Pro, Editing, Camera, Film, Photography, Creative Writing, Multimedia, Video, PowerPoint, Video Production, Music, Final Cut Studio
Русский, English, Sound Design, Audio Design, Music Production, Audio Editing, SFX, Sound Effects, Field Recording, Cubase, Adobe Audition, Sound Forge, Audio Post Production, Schism Tracker, Audio Processing, Directing Talent, Wwise
Television, Broadcast, Entertainment, Video Production, Digital Media, Film, Video, New Media, Social Media, Digital Marketing, Music, Event Management, Documentaries, Broadcast Television, Online Advertising
Italian, Asset Managment, Bookkeeping, Tax, Analysis, Asset Management, Real Estate, Customer Service, Real Estate Transactions, Budgeting, Management, Internal Controls, Commercial Real Estate
English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Film, Film Production, Avid Media Composer, Pro Tools, Logic Pro, Arri Alexa, Public Speaking, Final Cut Pro, Microsoft Office, Event Planning, Adobe Creative Suite, Video Editing, Audio Editing, Audio Post Production, Social Media Marketing
Film, Music, Editing, Fiction Writing, Music Composer, Leadership, Management, Humorist, Film Editing, Scripting, Pro Tools, Creative Non-fiction, Composers, Feature Films, Storytelling
Public Broadcasting, Post Production, Social Media, Avid, Video Production, Video Editing, Digital Video, Photoshop, Media Production, Live Event Producer, News Writing, Assistant Directing, Show Production, On-air Hosting, Radio Host
Sound Editing, Live Sound, Sound Production, Sound Design, Music Production, Event Planning, Event Management, Music, Video Editing, AV, Editing, Festivals, FOH, Music Industry, Audio Post Production
English, Japanese, Music Production, Audio Engineering, Pro Tools, Music, Sound Design, Live Sound, Sound, Music Programming, Sound Editing, Cubase, Logic Pro, Audio Post Production, Audio Processing, Analog Recording, Singing
Studio Recording, Live Recording, Live Sound, Live Performer, DJ, Composers, Visual Composer, Film Scoring, Mastering, Sound Mixing, Foley, Sound Effects, Sound Design, Music, Recording
Dutch, English, Lyrics, Singing, Music, Writing, Production, Event Planning, Microsoft Office, Journalism, Research, Social Media, Editing, Public Relations, Television
Inglese, Music Production, Music, Recording, Music Industry, Studio Recording, Audio Engineering, Songwriting, Sound Design, Band, Composition, Pro Tools, Mastering, Sound Editing, Sound, Music Education
Audacity, Customer Service, Personal Styling, Windows Movie Maker, Booking, Artist Management, Live Event Producer, Television Producing, Fashion, Time Management, Music, Styling, Visual Merchandising, Retail Sales, Store Management
Music Supervision, Music Licensing, Negotiation, Music Placement, Music, Singing, Songwriting, Entertainment, Music Industry, Music Production, Music Publishing, Television, Video, A&R, Record Labels
Español, Inglés, Premiere, Photoshop, Film, Television, Video Editing, Video, ProTools, Film direction, Musicians, music for films, Acting, Películas, Vídeo, Música, Producción audiovisual
Production Management, Production Managment, Media Relations, Strategic Planning, Budgets, Talent Acquisition, Entertainment, Event Planning, Film Production, Digital Media, Event Management, Nonprofits, Advertising, Theatre, Sponsorship
English, Hindi, Marathi, Animation Direction, Art Direction, Stop motion techniques, Script writing, Storyboard art, Drawing, Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Painter Essentials., Storyboarding, Screenwriting, Maya, Animation
Writing, Creative Content, Web Project Management, Music Industry, Social Media, Blogging, Wordpress, Editing, News Writing, Webmaster Services, Project Management, Recruiting, Music, Publicity, Social Networking
Music Production, Audio Engineering, Studio Recording, Pro Tools, Audio Mixing, Team Management, Orchestral Recording, Scoring to Picture, Video Game Audio, Guest Lecturing, Mixer, Rock & Roll, Jazz, Recording, Composition
Pro Tools, Audio Engineering, Reason, Blogging, Social Networking, VNC, Microsoft Office, Creative Writing, Reasoning Skills, IBM AS/400, Screenwriting, CD Mastering, Computer Network Operations, Digidesign, Waves Plug-ins
German and Spanish, Classical, Piano, Jazz, Ensemble, Contemporary Art, Composition, Music Production, Music, Songwriting, Recording, Music Industry, Studio Recording, Film Scoring, Songs, Music Theory
Customer Service, Outlook, Research, Teaching, Public Speaking, Teamwork, Sales, Inventory Management, Microsoft Office, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Windows, Negotiation, Marketing Strategy
Television, Film, music, Music Production, composer, playback, music recording, music arrangement, Audio Mixing, mastering, Entertainment, Music, Music Industry, Recording, Singing, Mastering, Sound
Romanian, Facebook, Social Networking, Press Releases, Social Media, Event Management, Public Relations, Radio Host, Digital Marketing, Event Planning, Social Media Marketing, Microsoft Office, Editing, Creative Writing, Customer Service, Blogging
Recording Studio, Sound Reinforcement, Lighting Design, Sound, Pro Tools, Concerts, Acoustics, Live Sound, Sound Design, Audio Engineering, Recording, Professional Audio, Audio Post Production, Sound Editing, Audio Editing
beat making, engineering, Music Production, Mastering, Studio Recording, Audio Engineering, Composing, Music Licensing, Music, Composition, Beat Making, POP, Producing, A&R, Voice Over
Audio Engineering, Music Production, Teamwork, Pro Tools, Audio Editing, Logic Pro, Music, Composition, Time Management, Customer Service, Studio Recording, Guitar, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Social Networking
Promotions, Television, Media Relations, Radio, Entertainment, Social Media Marketing, New Media, Marketing, Digital Media, Mac, Broadcast, Fashion, Social Networking, Journalism, Public Relations, Digital Marketing
Music Scheduling, On-air, Promotions, Audio Editing, Broadcast, Radio, Adobe Audition, Voice Acting, Radio Host, Voice Over, Radio Broadcasting, Radio Producing, Journalism, Sound, Radio Advertising
Spanish, Film and TV Production, Risk Assessment, Development, Screenwriting, Television, Broadcast, Video Production, Documentaries, Post Production, Entertainment, Video, Producing, Film, New Media, Digital Media
English, French, Organizational Leadership, Composition (Sibelius, Finale), Organist, Conductor (Choral, Orchestral), Microsoft Office, Violinist, Vocalist, iMovie, iPhoto, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Leadership Development and Communication, Psychology of music, Audacity, Garageband
  • Senior technician at NOB
English, German, Dutch, Social Media, Entertainment, Sound, Digital Media, Media Production, Video, Broadcast Television, Broadcast, Television, Final Cut Pro, Camera, New Media, Radio, Video Editing, Video Production, Avid
Engish, Polish, French, Music Production, Songwriting, Film Production, Photography, Graphic Design, TV production, Music Video Production, Film Scoring, Soundtrack, Social Media, Audio Mixing, Arranging, Television, Film, Pro Tools
English, German, French, Sensor Mapping, Sound Design, Cooking, Music, Composition, Sound, Electronic Music, Record Labels, A&R, Music Technology, MIDI, Music Production, Film Scoring, Field Recording, Mastering
English, Hindi, Punjabi, Urdu, Gujrati, Singing, Sound Designer, Sound Editing, Music Direction, Singer, Music Production, Composer, Lyricist, Rapper, Electronic And Electrical Engineer, Personality Developement Trainer, Musical Direction, Radio Advertising, Radio Programming, radio jockeying, Radio Promotions, Event Management, Creative Script Writing
English, French, Songwriting, Singer/Songwriter, Music, Musicianship, Guitar Player, Vocal Performance, Marketing Communications, Creative Strategy, Humor, Online Marketing, creative thinking, Upbeat, Visual Arts, Working With Actors, Studio Recording
Español, Ingles, Catalan, Televisión, Teatro, Películas, Música, Vídeo, Entretenimiento, Arte dramático, Producción audiovisual, Redes sociales, Canto, Cortometrajes, Short Films, Photoshop, Relaciones públicas, Social Media
Great Communication, Writing, Music Industry, Entertainment, Event Management, Event Planning, Hospitality, Interviews, Management, Marketing, New Media, Press Releases, Public Relations, Publicity, Sales
Music, Classical, Orchestral Music, Songwriting, Acting, Violin, Beatboxing, Music Education, Delivering Workshops, Theatre, Musical Theatre, Keyboards, Film, Musicians, Ensemble, Band, Drums, Dance, Recording
Japanese, Customer Service, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Retention, Product Knowledge, Product Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Social Media Marketing, Online Marketing, Building Relationships, Long-term Customer Relationships, Leadership, Team Building, Team Management, Team Leadership, Sales Presentations
Spanish, Entertainment, Radio, Music, A&R, Musical Theatre, Rock, Art, Web Design, Talent Management, Music Industry, Music Production, Songwriting, Recording, Composition, Singing
Musical Theatre, Songwriting, Music Production, Soundtrack, Lyrics, Writing, Playwriting, music arrangements, Copy Editing, Theatre, Music, Improvisation, Entertainment, Drama, Composition, Stage