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Francés, Art, Illustrator, Animation, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Film, Concept Design, Animación de personajes, Layout, Diseño gráfico, Multimedia, Películas, Animación, Arte, After Effects, Televisión, Adobe Premiere Pro
English, Hindi, Marathi, Tulu, Kannada, SEO, Online Advertising, SMO, Keyword Research, Social Media Marketing, Landing Page Optimization, SEM, Google Analytics, Maya, Animation, HTML, Visual Effects, Computer Animation, Digital Marketing, Character Animation
Storyboarding, Character Animation, Illustration, Comics, Drawing, Art, Flash Animation, Animation, Illustrator, Books, Photoshop, Painting, Character Design, Writing, Digital Illustration
Photoshop, Painter, Illustrator, 2D, After Effects, Premiere, Motion Graphics, Animation Design, Concept Design, Character Design, Background Design, Traditional Painting, Compositing, Animation, Character
Inglés, Español, Storyboarding, Character Animation, Animation, Illustration, Animation Direction, Traditional Animation, Computer Animation, After Effects, Maya, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Graphic Design, Flash Animation, Flash, Premiere
English, Filipino, Graphic Design, Painting, Drawing, Photography, Photoshop, Video Editing, Microsoft Office, After Effects, Software Installation, Blogging, Digital Photography, Illustrator, HTML, Social Media Marketing, Creative Writing
Character Animation, Keyframe Animation, Traditional Animation, Computer Animation, Animation, Maya, Lighting, 3D Modeling, Electronic Music Production, Ableton Live, Toon Boom, Zbrush, Photoshop
Storyboarding, Animation, Toon Boom, Layout, Art, Flash Animation, Television, Comic Books, Sketchbook Pro, Conceptual Art, Digital Painting, Background Art, Comics, Traditional Animation
Film, Character Animation, Animation, Feature Films, Television, Cartoons, Voice Over, Comedy, Post Production, Traditional Animation, Entertainment, Screenwriting, Storytelling, Theatre, Creative Direction
Character Animation, Illustration, Animation, After Effects, Storyboarding, Compositing, Computer Animation, Traditional Animation, Premiere, Photoshop, Illustrator, Painting, Drawing, Visual Effects, Fine Art, Stop Motion, Motion Graphics
Concept Design, Flash Animation, Character Designs, Background Art, 2d layout, Storyboarding, Digital Illustration, Traditional Animation, Animation, Layout, Flash, After Effects, Digital Compositing, Character Animation, 3D
English, Animation, Storyboarding, Character Animation, Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Traditional Animation, Animation Direction, 2D Animator, Toon Boom, Illustrator, Cartoons, Flash Animation, Creative Direction, Feature Films, Flash
Texturing, Character Animation, 3D, Maya, 3D Modeling, Animation, Illustrator, Traditional Animation, Premiere, After Effects, Computer Animation, Compositing, Shake, Storyboarding, Photoshop
Maya, Character Animation, Traditional Animation, Animation, Storyboarding, 3D, Commercials, Short Films, Television, Computer Animation, Compositing, After Effects, Facial Animation, Flash, Character Rigging
English, Spanish, Animation, Character Animation, Traditional Animation, Film, Post Production, Computer Animation, Maya, Video, Creative Direction, After Effects, Toon Boom, 3D, Video Production, Feature Films, Video Editing
Spanish, Animation, Character Animation, Storyboarding, Photoshop, Graphic Design, Illustration, Computer Graphics, Video Editing, Computer Animation, Maya, Traditional Animation, 3D Modeling, Stop Motion, After Effects, Visual Effects
English, Spanish, XSI, Maya, 3D Studio Max, Character Animation, Animation, After Effects, Facial Animation, 3D, Film, Visual Effects, Computer Animation
English, Hindi, Marathi, Animation Direction, Art Direction, Stop motion techniques, Script writing, Storyboard art, Drawing, Adobe Flash, Autodesk Maya, Adobe Premiere, Adobe Photoshop, Painter Essentials., Storyboarding, Screenwriting, Maya, Animation
Photoshop, flash, maya, After Effects, Animation, 3D animation, Illustration, Computer Animation, Flash, Compositing, 3D Modeling, Character Animation, Storyboarding, Traditional Animation, Layout, Illustrator, Maya, Video Games
English, Spanish, French, 3D animation, Character Animation, motion graphics, Animation, Graphic Design, 3D Studio Max, Maya, Character Rigging, After Effects, Facial Animation, XSI, Blender, Computer Animation, Video Games, Motion Graphics, Rigging
Français, Anglais, Background Art, Illustration, Color Design, 2D animation, BG painter, flash animation, Visual development, Arts visuels, Animation traditionnelle, Animation informatique, Drawing, Dessin, Traditional Animation
English, Hindi, Gujarati, Bengali, Urdu, Animation, Character Animation, Maya, Character Rigging, Photoshop, Photography, Digital Photography, Flash Animation, Flash, Video Editing, Stop Motion, Sketching, Traditional Animation, Computer Animation, Facial Animation, Concept Design
Digital Illustration, Character Designs, Storyboarding, Storytelling, Comic Book Illustration, Film, Adobe Photoshop, Photoshop, Animation, Computer Animation, Layout, Traditional Animation, Illustration, Character Animation, Cartoons
Korean, English, Character Animation, Storyboarding, Video Games, Concept Design, After Effects, Photoshop, Flash, Illustration, pixel animation, Storyboard revision, Traditional Animation, Animation, Comics, Toon Boom
Illustration, Digital Illustration, Digital Painting, Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects, Maya, Graphic Design, Concept Design, Graphics, Image Manipulation, Photography, Storyboarding, Motion Graphics, Vector Illustration, Animation, Compositing, Logo Design
Español, Inglés, Francés, Animación de personajes, Traditional Animation, Storyboarding, Flash, Photoshop, Drawing, Character design, Layout, Coloring, Dibujo, Adobe Premiere Pro, Toon Boom, 3D Studio Max, Arte, Animación tradicional
English, Portuguese, Maya, Computer Animation, Character Animation, Photoshop, 3D, Animation, Traditional Animation, 3D Studio Max, Film, After Effects, Max, Visual Effects, Compositing, Short Films, Art, Texturing, painting, Concept Development, Storyboarding
Maya, 3D, 3D Studio Max, Computer Animation, Animation, HTML, CSS, Flash Animation, 3D visualization, CMS, Flash, Graphics, Photoshop, Storyboarding, Compositing
Stop Motion, Character Animation, Animation, Traditional Animation, After Effects, Storyboarding, Compositing, Photoshop, Flash Animation, Illustration, Illustrator, Visual Storytelling, Final Cut Pro, Drawing, Concept Design, Computer Animation, Digital Art, Digital Illustration
English, French, Spanish, Animation, Character Animation, Maya, 3D, Computer Animation, Traditional Animation, Character Rigging, Storyboarding, 3D Studio Max, 3D Modeling, 2D & 3D Animation, Autodesk MotionBuilder, Zbrush, Premiere, 3D Modelling
Allemand, anglais, Italien, Français, animator, director, art director, Character Design, Cartoons, 2D, Animation, Painting, Character Animation, Compositing, Computer Animation, Digital Painting, Traditional Animation, Video Production, Animation traditionnelle
After Effects, Animation
English, Marathi, Hindi, French, Konkani, music (percussion), dramatics, Sketching, Animation, Voice Over, Music, Voice Acting, Narration, Video Editing, Photo Editing, Visualising, 3D, 2D, Character Animation, Multimedia
French, Animation, Character Animation, Flash Animation, Flash, Illustrator, Concept Design, Drawing, Layout, Cartoons, Traditional Animation, Adobe Creative Suite, After Effects, Photoshop
Drawing, Animation, Character Animation, Photoshop, Illustration, Adobe Creative Suite, Flash, Mac, Painting, Graphic Design, Maya, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, Digital Photography, Art, Computer Animation
English, Character Animation, Animation, Digital Painting, 3D, Computer Animation, Graphic Design, Traditional Animation, Facial Animation, Maya, Drawing, Illustration, Storyboarding, Character Designs, Visual Development, Concept Design
Traditional Animation, Filemaker Pro, Photoshop, Pre-production, Animation, 2D, Painting, Cartoons, Post Production, Art, Mac, Flash Animation, Flash, Character Design, Storyboarding
Français, Anglais, TVPaint, Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Maya, Premiere, After Effects, Drawing, Flash Animation, Nuke, Particular, Storyboarding, Traditional Animation, Compositing, Motion Design
Visual Storytelling, Toon Boom, storyboard pro, Story Structure, Traditional Animation, Wacom Tablet, Maya, Flash Animation, Adobe Creative Suite, Storyboarding, Sound Design, Pro Tools, After Effects, Character Animation, 3D
Afrikaans, English, Web Development, HTML5, CSS, AngularJS, CoffeeScript, jQuery, Stylus, JavaScript, WordPress, PSD to Wordpress, InDesign, Maya, Character Animation, Character Rigging, Texturing
English, French, Korean, Previs, Animation, Modeling, Illustration, XSI, Maya, Character Design, Storytelling, Flash, 3D, Digital Art, 3D animation, After Effects, Premiere, Flash Animation
Maya, Mudbox, Zbrush, Photoshop, Premiere, Nuke, Mental Ray, Renderman, Microsoft Office, 3D animation, Modeling, UV mapping, Animation, Character Modeling, Hard Surface Modeling
English, German, Maya, Mudbox, Nuke, After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, Animation, Drawing, Cinema 4D, Premier, InDesign, Flash, Slackline
Korean, English, Cinematics, Character Animation, Animation, Computer Animation, Facial Animation, Maya, Pre-visualization
COMPUTER LITERATE, Animation, Flash Animation, Modeling, Traditional Animation, Character Animation, Premiere, After Effects, Flash, Toon Boom, Illustrator, Photoshop, Maya, Film, Storyboarding
Español, ingles, Graphic Design, Digital Illustration, Cartoons, Cartooning, Vector Illustration, Illustration, Comic Art, Animation, Illustrator, Photo Illustration, Character Animation, Toon Boom, Editorial Illustration, 2D graphics, Flash Animation
Computer Animation, Rotoscoping, Digital Compositing, 3D, After Effects, Skid Steer, Professional Driving, Deliveries, Food Safety, Food Preparation, stagehand, Stage Lighting, Sound Board Operation, Light Board Operator, Photoshop
Animation, Computer Animation, Maya, Character Animation, Graphic Design, Motion Design, 3D animation, Video Games, Motion Graphics, Film, 3D, Flash Animation
Storyboarding, Animation, Traditional Animation, Pre-production, Drawing, Supervisory Skills, Illustrator, Character Animation, 2D, Toon Boom, Video Production, Show Runner, Photoshop, Animation Direction, Character Designs