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English, Ukrainian, Russian, Web Development, E-commerce, Web Analytics, CSS, HTML, Digital Marketing, Web Project Management, PHP, AJAX, JavaScript, CMS, User Experience, Website Development, Facebook, XML
Teaching English as a Second Language, Public Speaking, ESL, Spanish, Business English, Research, TESOL
Ukrainian, English, Russian, Cleaning, Retoping and Texturing 3D Scanned models, Sculpture, Relief, 3d character, Character Modelling, 3D Portrait, Zbrush, Maya, Unreal Editor, Unity3D, 3D modeling for CNC, 3D model for 3D printing, 3D Scan cleaning, Retop modeling, 3D Modeling
English, Russian, Ukrainian, Game Design, Unity3D, UnrealScript, OOP, Lua, Objective-C, Game Development, Xcode, C++, Cocos2d, Computer Games, C#, Visual Studio, HLSL, Shaders
English, Game Development, Low Poly Modeling, Game Design, UV mapping, Texturing, Unreal Engine 3, Level Design, Mobile Games, Game Art, Texture Painting, Unreal Editor, Normal Mapping, Zbrush, Shaders, Video Games
russian, ukrainian, Texturing, Animation, Digital Painting, Compositing, Motion Design, Texture Artist, Mental Ray, Cinematics, Zbrush, Visual Effects, Video Games, Cinematography, Nuke, UV mapping
Russian, English, Ukranian, Game Development, Team Leadership, iOS development, Facebook API, Agile Methodologies, Photoshop, Level Design, Storytelling, Game Design, Project Management, Mobile Games, Casual Games, Computer Games, Video Games, Testing
English, Russian, Ukrainian, C++, JavaScript, Perl, Unix Shell Scripting, Linux, SQL, Java, Software Development, Qt, Design Patterns, Programming, Object Oriented Design, Multithreading, Visual Studio, Agile Methodologies
Russian, English, Art Direction, Photoshop, Internal Communications, Video Games, Entertainment, Social Media, Art, Graphic Design, Drawing, Game Development, Illustration, Animation, 2D, Production, Pixel Art
English, Ukrainian, Russian, JIRA, Black Box Testing, MMO, Game Development, Perforce, Gameplay, Bug Tracking, Scrum, Testing, Regression Testing, Test Cases, Agile Methodologies, Quality Assurance, Bugzilla, Computer Games, Software Quality Assurance, Video Games
Kismet, PS3, Video Games, Gameplay, Unreal Engine 3, Game Development, Game Design, Unreal Editor, Xbox 360, Level Design, Xbox, Game Mechanics, Maya, Wii, Unity3D, Multiplayer, Scripting, User Interface
After Effects, Maya, Final Cut Pro, Photoshop, Illustrator, Video Editing, Graphic Design, Microsoft Office, Game Design, Database Administration, Micro-transactions, Monetization, Computer Repair, Video Production, Photo Restoration, Game Development
Video Games, Monetization, Promotions, MMO, Online Marketing, Computer Games, Photoshop, Social Networking, Product Management, Social Media, Social Media Marketing, Gaming, Creative Writing, Marketing Strategy, Product Marketing
Video Games, DirectX, Perforce, Game Development, Computer Games, Gameplay
English, Spanish, Video Games, Quality Assurance, Photography, Test Planning, Quality Control, Testing, Game Development, Photoshop, Python, HTML, CCS, Bootstrap, VB.NET, Visual Basic, Visual Studio
JIRA, Bug Tracking, Defect Tracking, Microsoft SQL Server, Test Planning, Bugzilla, Performance Testing, System Testing, Software Quality Assurance, Mantis, Scrum, Load Testing, Test Cases, Confluence, User Acceptance Testing
English, Game Design, 3D, Game Development, Animation, Maya, Graphic Design, Photoshop, Programming, 3D Studio Max, After Effects, JavaScript, Modeling, C#, iPhone, Graphics
Русский, English, Music Production, Sound Design, Vocal recording, Voice casting, Arranging, Mastering, Music composing, Mixing, Piano Playing, Vocal Coaching, Sound Editing, Sound Forge
Xbox 360, PS3, Gameplay, Game Design, Game Development, Video Games, Level Design, Scripting, Multiplayer, Unreal Engine 3, Programming, Shaders, Perforce, Game Programming, Unreal Editor
Texturing, Level Design, Game Development, 3D Modeling, Digital Sculpting, Digital Painting, Video Games, Computer Games, Unity3D, 3D, Environment Art
Sound Design, Audio Post Production, Audio, Recording, Music Production, Dialogue Production, Location Recording, Re-Record Mixing, Kung-Fu Grip, Post Production, Dialogue Editing, Sound, Mixing, Audio Engineering, Game Audio
Game Design, Perforce, Game Development, Xbox 360, PS3, Video Games, Unreal Engine 3, Max, Computer Games, MMO, Gameplay, Unreal Editor, Level Design, Mobile Games, Social Games
Русский, Английский, Украинский, Video Games, MMO, Online Gaming, Public Relations, Social Media Marketing, Community Management, Online Advertising, Marketing Strategy, Community Sites, Marketing Communications, Project Management, Photoshop, Editing, Social Media, Casual Games
English, Russian, Ukrainian, Game Development, Video Games, Game Design, 3D, Gameplay, Computer Games, Maya, Perforce
Game Design, Game Development, Video Games, Multiplayer Design, Xbox 360, Social Games, PS3, Gameplay, Level Design, Computer Games, Unreal Engine 3, Wii, Computer Animation, Game Mechanics, Casual Games
Русский, Украинский, Английский, Японский
English, C++, Java, Game Development, DirectX, Perforce, Lua, HLSL, UnrealScript, OpenGL, Win32 API, 3D, Unreal Engine 3, MFC, Object Oriented Design, STL
English, Japanese, French, Bulgarian, Chinese, Social Networking, Video Games, Digital Marketing, Entertainment, Social Media Marketing, Film, Video, Mobile Applications, Social Media, Web Development, Strategy, Digital Media, Photoshop, Management, Multimedia
Russian, Graphic Novels, Game Development, Video Games, MMO, PS3, Computer Games, Xbox 360, Game Design, Gameplay, Level Design, Animation, Scripting, Creative Direction, Film, Storytelling
English, Russian, French, C++, Distributed Systems, STL, C#, Programming, Software Development, Python, Debugging, Getting The Job Done, Performance Tuning, Multithreading, Object Oriented Design, Software Design, Architecture, Testing
Creative Direction, Game Design, Writing, Trade Shows, Video, Research, Logistics, Publicity, Freelance Graphics, World Building, Video Games, Film, Game Development, MMO, Storytelling
English, Russian, C++, Python, Haxe, Game Development, Server Side Programming, Project Team Management, OpenGL, Mobile Game Development, Front-end Engineering, MongoDB, Redis, Memcached, Game Engines, Kinect, 3D Math, C#, JavaScript
Ukrainian, English, 3d animation, Motion Capture, Cinematics, Directing, Facial Animation
English, Video/Film Editing, Final Cut Pro Proficient, Technically Competent, Adobe After Effects Competent, Adobe Illustrator Competent, Adobe Photoshop Competent, Apple Motion, Microsoft Office, Organization, Enthusiasm to learn, Video Games, Time Management, Sales, After Effects, Final Cut Pro
English, Russian, Ukrainian, User Interface, User Interface Design, Game Design, Information Architecture, User Experience, Mobile Applications, Prototyping, User Experience Design, Web Analytics, Social Networking, Usability Testing, Agile Methodologies, Scrum, Interaction Design, Infographics
English, Gameplay, Game Development, Game Programming, Lua, DirectX, Video Games, OpenGL, Unreal Engine 3, Perforce, Unreal, Unreal Editor, Computer Graphics, XNA, 3D, HLSL
Game Development
Russian, Texturing, Computer Animation, 3D Modeling, Rigging, User Interface Design, Usability, Environmental Design, Game Development, Video Games, Composition, Computer Games, Game Design, Unreal Engine 3, Shaders, 3D
english, german, Game Design, Social Game Development, Mobile Game Development, Unreal Engine, Python, C#
Game Development, Programming, Software Development, iPhone, Windows, Scrum, Game Design, OOP, Subversion, Visual Studio, User Interface, Web Development, MySQL, Python, Ruby
German, English, Pig Latin, Video Games, Interactive Entertainment, Marketing Strategy, Integrated Marketing, Strategic Partnerships, Sales Management, Public Relations, Co-marketing, Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Digital Marketing, Business Development, Computer Games, Online Gaming, Social Media