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Query: UOP, A Honeywell Company
Position: UOP, A Honeywell Company
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Hindi, Gujarati, Workers Compensation, Onboarding, Benefits, HRIS, New Hire Orientations, Benefits Administration, Employee Relations, PeopleSoft, HR Policies, Employee Benefits, Performance Management, Technical Recruiting, Taleo, Sourcing, Recruiting
Spanish, Engineering, Fabrication, Matlab, Machining, Welding, CAD, Metallurgy, Valves, Project Planning, Project Execution, Animal Models, Fluorescence Imaging, Quantitative Analyses, Stem Cell Research, Project Management, Metal Fabrication, Biomedical Engineering
Human Resources, Leadership, Supply Chain, Deferred Compensation, Succession Planning, Manufacturing, Labor Relations, Talent Management, Employee Relations, Onboarding, Workforce Planning, HRIS, Talent Acquisition, Performance Management, Employee Engagement
  • Senior Finan class="hilite">aan>ncian class="hilite">aan>l an class="hilite">Aan>ccountan class="hilite">aan>nt-Internan class="hilite">aan>tionan class="hilite">aan>l at Hollister
  • Stan class="hilite">aan>ff an class="hilite">Aan>ccountan class="hilite">aan>nt at Solo Cup Compan class="hilite">aan>ny
  • an class="hilite">Aan>udit Stan class="hilite">aan>ff at KPMG US
Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Office, Strategic Planning, Medical Devices, Budgets, Accounting, Process Improvement, Financial Reporting, Financial Analysis, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Project Management, Forecasting, Healthcare, Cash Management
English, Arabic, French, Spanish, Six Sigma, Fluent in French, Fluent in Arabic, Intermediate Spanish, Petrochemical, Commissioning, Process Optimization, Troubleshooting, Communications Audits, Chemical Engineering, Process Simulation, Refining, Process Engineering, Petroleum, Project Engineering, Engineering, Refinery, Energy, Process Control
Mass Spectrometry, LC-MS, HPLC, Chromatography, Analytical Chemistry, Cell Culture, Proteomics, Bioanalysis, GC/MS, GCXGC, Metabolomics, Biomarker Discovery, Bioinformatics, Toxicology, GC-MS
  • Technican class="hilite">aan>l Operan class="hilite">aan>tor at UOP
English, Spanish
Project Engineering, Design Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry, Distillation, Process Simulation, Heat Transfer, Catalysis, Characterization, FTIR, Thermodynamics
  • Project Man class="hilite">aan>nan class="hilite">aan>ger, Trean class="hilite">aan>ting Services at UOP LLC
  • an class="hilite">Aan>rean class="hilite">aan> Man class="hilite">aan>nan class="hilite">aan>ger, Continuing Services at UOP LLC
  • Development Engineer at UOP Inc
Italian, Management Consulting, Process Engineering, Business Process Improvement, Quality Improvement Processes, Fitness Training, Problem Solving, Troubleshooting, Career Counseling, Career Development, Mentoring, Technical Writing, Technical Recruiting, Technical Editing, Refining, Petrochemicals
  • Project Engineer at UOP LLC
  • Field Service Engineer (Process Control &an class="hilite">aan>mp; Instrumentan class="hilite">aan>tion) at UOP
Instrumentation, Process Control, Gas, Process Simulation, Refinery, Petrochemical, Process Engineering, Petroleum, Refining, Commissioning, Chemical Engineering, Project Engineering, Engineering, P&ID, Six Sigma
EH&S Compliance, Chemical Engineering, Commissioning, Refining, Process Simulation, Six Sigma, Troubleshooting, SharePoint, Refineries, UniSim, Knowledge Management, Optimization, Technical Training, Programming
  • Process Operan class="hilite">aan>tor@UOP an class="hilite">aan> an class="hilite">Honeywellan> Compan class="hilite">aan>ny. at UOP
Gas Processing., Refining., Team Working., Health and Safety., Cosh training., Breathing Apparatus training., Fire Training., Process Operator Training., Manual Handling Training., Safety Critical procedures training., Lock and Tag out training., Risk Assessment, Boiler and Cooling water units training, Treated water regeneration training., Computing.
  • Dan class="hilite">aan>tan class="hilite">aan> Delivery &an class="hilite">aan>mp; an class="hilite">Aan>nan class="hilite">aan>lysis Technican class="hilite">aan>l Resource at UOP
  • Hydrocran class="hilite">aan>cking technician class="hilite">aan>n at UOP
Process Engineering, Engineering, Process Control, Instrumentation, Six Sigma, Chemical Engineering, Project Engineering, Petroleum, Project Management, Petrochemical, Integration, Refinery, MS Project, Commissioning, Energy
English, Hindi
Data Science, Process Control, Process Optimization, Chemical Engineering, Refining, Refinery, Petrochemical, Process Simulation, Process Engineering, Aspen Plus, Commissioning, Gas Processing, Process Design, Engineering, Six Sigma, R, Python
Spanish (Basic), Research, R&D, Teamwork, Microsoft Office, ISO, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Public Speaking, Environmental Awareness, Networking, Matlab, Data Analysis, Chemical Engineering, Chemistry
Logistics, Oversized Cargo Movement, Import, Management, Supply Chain Management
Manufacturing, Engineering, Project Management, Strategy, Team Leadership, Automation, ISO, Refinery, Proposal Writing, Petrochemical, Project Engineering, Six Sigma, Process Optimization, Automotive
New Business Development, Strategic Planning, Gas, Business Strategy, R&D, Refining, Product Development, Marketing Strategy, Commercialization, Business Development, Management, Leadership, Product Management, Six Sigma, Process Engineering, Strategy, Manufacturing
  • Scientist R&an class="hilite">aan>mp;D 2, Technican class="hilite">aan>l Services San class="hilite">aan>mple Coordinan class="hilite">aan>tor at UOP
  • Technician class="hilite">aan>n Lean class="hilite">aan>d R&an class="hilite">aan>mp;D at UOP
  • R&an class="hilite">aan>mp;D Engineer an class="hilite">aan>t an class="hilite">aan>n clan class="hilite">aan>ss="hilite">an class="hilite">UOP,an>an class="hilite">aan>n> an class="hilite">Aan> an class="hilite">Honeywellan> Compan class="hilite">aan>ny at Collan class="hilite">aan>beran class="hilite">aan>
  • Quan class="hilite">aan>lity Control Lan class="hilite">aan>b Technician class="hilite">aan>n at Loders Croklan class="hilite">aan>an class="hilite">aan>n
English, Inventory Management, Pharmacy Operations, Gas Chromatography, Ion Chromatography, Research, Appointment Scheduling, Calibration, Staff Management, Staff Training, IR spectroscopy, NMR spectroscopy, Mass Spectrometry, Wet Chemistry, Analysis, Methods Development
Energy Efficiency, Process Optimization, Feasibility Studies, Petrochemical, FEED, Research, Refining, Chemical Engineering, Process Simulation, Innovation Management, Process Innovations, Process Integration, Equipment Intensification, Process Engineering
Factory, Piping, Gas, ASME, Instrumentation, Six Sigma, Pumps, Project Management, Refineries, Management, Valves, Project Engineering, Engineering, Petrochemical, EPC, Procurement, Refinery, Inspection
  • EHS Professionan class="hilite">aan>l - Protocol an class="hilite">aan>nd Procedures at Devon Energy
  • Regionan class="hilite">aan>l Occupan class="hilite">aan>tionan class="hilite">aan>l San class="hilite">aan>fety Man class="hilite">aan>nan class="hilite">aan>ger at an class="hilite">Honeywellan>
  • Technican class="hilite">aan>l man class="hilite">aan>nan class="hilite">aan>gement positions with an class="hilite">aan> chemican class="hilite">aan>l engineering ban class="hilite">aan>ckground at UOP
  • Hydrocan class="hilite">aan>rbon Processing Specian class="hilite">aan>list - Hydrocran class="hilite">aan>cking at Shell Globan class="hilite">aan>l Solutions
Refining, Refinery, Petroleum, Chemical Engineering, Oil/Gas, Energy, Process Optimization, Optimizations, Supply Chain Optimization, Petrochemical, Engineering, Project Planning, AIMMS, Process Engineering, Optimization, Upstream, Process Simulation
Refining, Chemical Engineering, Refinery, Petrochemical, Process Simulation, P&ID, Downstream Oil & Gas, HAZOP, Commissioning, Instrumentation, Process Engineering, Troubleshooting, Refineries, Process Optimization, Process Safety
Refining, Chemical Engineering, Refinery, Petrochemical, P&ID, Commissioning, HAZOP, Process Engineering, Petroleum, Process Optimization, Downstream Oil & Gas, Refineries, FEED, Process Simulation, Aspen Plus, HAZOP Study, Process Control
Logistics, Process Improvement, Project Management, Team Leadership, Six Sigma, Team Building, Troubleshooting, Quality Management, Manufacturing, Supply Chain, Operations Management, Supply Chain Management, Inventory Management, Lean Manufacturing, Continuous Improvement
English, German, Commissioning, Instrumentation, Troubleshooting, Refining / Petrochemical Engineering, Pharmaceutical / Medical Device Validation, Controls, Technical Writing, Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Corrective and Preventive Action (C&PA), DCS, Petrochemical, P&ID, Refinery
  • Piping Engineer an class="hilite">aan>nd Hean class="hilite">aan>d of stress an class="hilite">aan>nan class="hilite">aan>lys depan class="hilite">aan>rtment in Can class="hilite">aan>esan class="hilite">aan>r II at Ludan class="hilite">aan>n Engineering
  • Piping Engineer &an class="hilite">aan>mp; Hean class="hilite">aan>d of Stress an class="hilite">Aan>nan class="hilite">aan>lysis Depan class="hilite">aan>rtment at SIMEROM ENGINEERING S.r.l.
UNIGRAPHICS (Modeling & Drafting),, Bentley, Caesar II, CATIA, SAP (vibrations analysis), AutoCAD (2D/3D), Ms. Office 2000, DBase, AutoCAD, Electrical Engineering, Onshore, Petrochemical, CAD, Microsoft Office, Inventor
Employee Relations, Talent Management, Deferred Compensation, Organizational Development, Performance Management, Leadership Development, Training, Labor Relations, Recruiting, Human Resources, Change Management, Leadership, Strategy, Management, HR Consulting
English, Strategy, Business Strategy, Strategic Planning, Analysis, Management, Start-ups, Entrepreneurship, Data Analysis, Financial Analysis, Six Sigma, Product Management, Competitive Analysis, Process Improvement, Business Development, Finance