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Product Design, Product Innovation, Research Design, Experience Design, Design Thinking, CAD, Project Management, Solidworks, Concept Design, Adobe Creative Suite, Manufacturing, Design for Manufacturing, Concept Generation, Product Development, Pro Engineer
中文, English, French, Rapid prototyping, 3D Printing, Mass production, Mould making, Mould design, Industrial design, Show car, Assembly, Packaging, Medical devices
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Chinese, English, Dutch, Talent Management, Performance Management, English, Management, Project Management, Microsoft Office, Change Management, Microsoft Excel, Teamwork, Telecommunications, Research, Business Strategy, Human Resources, Leadership, Coaching
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  • project manager of prototyping and mould engineering at Duch Group
Chinese, English, Japanese
持续改进, 精益生产, 制造业, 产品开发, 金属薄片, 计划管理, 航空航天, 工程, 工程管理, 六希格码, Aluminum, CNC, Sheet Metal
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Product Development, Manufacturing, 工程, Automotive, 持续改进, 管理人员
Chinese, English, Rapid Prototyping, Automotive, 3D Printing, Mould making, Mass Production, Industry design, Market Development, Account Servicing, Chinese Kongfu Tea
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中文, English
Chinese, English, Janpanese
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English, Product Development, New Business Development, Business Development, Negotiation, Business Strategy, International Sales, Sales
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Chinese, English, Japanese, product design, rapid prototyping,, model making, 3D printing, small batch producing, products manufacturing and many other related services, Concept Design, Product Design, Design Thinking
English, Chinese
English, German, Chinese (Simplified)
CAD,Engineering,R&D,Rapid Prototype Development using SLA, SLS,, CNC and related processes., Rapid prototype, Prototyping, CNC Prototype, CNC Machining, Reverse Engineering, CNC, 快速成型, 销售管理, 产品开发, 工程, Business Strategy, Microsoft Office, Product Development
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Prototype, Design, 3D Printing, Industrial Design, Tooling, Tools, Mould, Mould Design, Mold, Mass Production, Small Batch Production, Model, Instructional Design, Product Development, Product Design
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Chinese, English, Yueyu, 国际销售, 推销, 管理人员, 快速成型, Microsoft Office, 战略规划, 项目管理, 新业务开发, 谈判, 经营策略, Automotive, Engineering, Project Management, Strategic Planning, Injection Molding
English, Japanese, canton
中文, 英语
Chinese, English
Chinese, English
Español, Inglés, Francés, Alemán, English, Spanish, French, German, Negotiation, Team Management, Project Coordination, Team Leadership, Coordination, Teamwork, PowerPoint, Microsoft Office, Translation, Outlook, Management
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Chinese, English, Korean, Japanese
中文 英文, 办公软件, UG CAD, 冲压产品, 机械零件, C1驾照, PMP, 各种产品工艺
Chinese, English, Product Design, Rapid Prototyping, Microsoft Office, CAD, AutoCAD, Photoshop, Marketing Communications, Sales, SolidWorks, Product Development, Concept Design, Sketching, Illustrator, Industrial Design, Negotiation