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Skimleads introduces the most effective way to find marketing and communication specialists for your company with the help of an effective free online service. Our technology is designed to assist small and large businesses in hiring the ideal employees for their marketing teams. All you need to find the skilled professional is to use our search box.

Example: Are you looking for a dedicated marketing specialist or PR manager who will bring your brand to the next level?

We will sort out professionals from all over the globe who best meet your requirements. Enter Marketing or Communications manager in the search field and use filters.

Expert advice: If you start developing your brand, we recommend considering young talents. They can come up with brilliant ideas for growing your business.

How can HR get all the benefits of Skimleads?

Are you looking for a professional who is passionate about his/her work? With Skimleads, you will save your time and find a consummate specialist for any industry, from a clerk to a senior executive officer. Our system searches over current work positions, experience, skills, and interests of all job applicants. After you find the person you need, you will be able to contact him/her via the social network, where you will also find more detailed information about the candidate.

Example: Do you need to hire a skilled Web designer in the United Kingdom? With the help of Skimleads, you can connect with the best potential employees and invite them for an interview even today.

Expert advice: Do not hesitate to contact the candidate’s previous employers and request a reference. In case you are planning to hire a web designer, be sure to check out his/her portfolio and read his/her reviews on the specialized websites.

Looking for an experienced sales manager?

Many candidates claim they would close a sale selling sand in the desert, but only a few of them can prove this out. Do you have trouble hiring a dedicated specialist? Skimleads will help you! Our service provides you with everything you need to start a conversation with a potential employee, including a link to his/her social network account so that you will get an insight into a comprehensive candidate’s background before asking him/her for an interview.

Example: Are sales managers at your furniture shop no longer up to the task?

Enter Furniture sales manager in the search field and expand your team with quick-thinking specialists who are good with words and know how to treat your customers right.

Expert advice: After you find matching candidates, test their skills by impersonating a real customer. Thus, you will get a clear understanding of how your potential employee handles leads.

How to find investors for a startup?

Can’t figure out how to start a business without initial investments? We will help you find investors for any commercial project! Develop a step-by-step plan for bringing your idea to life and start searching with Skimleads right now. With our system, you will find those people who are ready to invest in your startup. Plus, you will be able to contact them via the social network. Large companies are interested in new projects - do not miss your chance!

Example: Have you developed a food delivery app? Discuss your idea with those who might be interested, like Restaurant owners. With Skimleads, you will get a chance to reach out to hundreds of would-be investors online.

Expert advice: Before entering into negotiations, it’s recommended to find out more details about potential investors and the company they represent. You can simply follow the link to their profiles on the social media.

Trying to reach out to software developers?

Our database is large enough to connect you with skilled IT professionals, from Javascript specialists to gurus of Assembler. Whether you are searching for PHP programmers, C++ experts, or engineers, you can easily connect with them using our system. Hire a talent with vast experience in coding or sell your IT-oriented products and services to right people.

Example: Is your company looking for a skilled web developer specializing in AngularJS?

Type AngularJS into the search field, and that’s it.

Expert advice: When searching for IT professionals, you can also connect with the potential users of your product, be it an app, online service, or some developer tools. Pay special attention to the interests of candidates to define your target audience.

Do you find it difficult to connect with suppliers?

It’s time to make use of our professional contact search system and find the best vendors in your industry! Get in touch with sales reps of reputable companies doing business at your domestic market. Buy top-notch materials and optimize logistics. Negotiate lower prices and generous discounts. Beat your rivals by selling high-quality and affordable products in your area!

Example: Are you a reseller of home appliances in Netherlands?

All you need is to enter Appliances in the search box and narrow your results to locations in Netherlands by using a country filter.

Expert advice: If you are not sure about the credibility of a company, which is the best match for your requests, ask any of its representatives about the main clients. After this, you will be able to reach out to precisely targeted people and get more details on this company.