How to work with

Find and download useful contacts online in a few clicks

  • Use Filters Customize your search to find the leads you need

    Lists of contacts of business owners, future employees and customers from every part of the world appear on your screen right after you hit the ‘Search’ button. Now you can proceed to skimming off the leads that match your demands the best via several useful and convenient filters.
    The filter settings panel displays all filters in use. You can remove one or more filters to correct search results.

    You can sort leads by
    1. contact's name
    2. contact's contry
    3. contact's jobs
    4. contact's skills
    5. contact's interests
    6. contacts with email
      with email
    7. contacts with phone
  • View And Export Keep all important and valuable leads at hand

    In order to be able to view and export records to various file formats, top up your balance.


    To view e-mail or phone number, click ‘Add to cart’ in the selected lead’s field. To remove a record from your Cart, click ‘Remove’.

    Now you can go to ‘My Cart’ and purchase all chosen records.


    You can download a large lead database in a couple of clicks. If you are a business owner, you will find this feature particularly convenient – you receive all needed prospective clients' or suppliers' records on the spot. Select the entire leads list and export it to one of the available file types.

    1. Export leads list to CSV.
    2. Export leads list to XML.
    3. Export leads list to CSV.
    4. Export leads to SalesForce
  • API Connect Step 1

    Find your unique API key on the API page or in your Profile Menu. Only you will have access to this key.

    Step 2

    Add funds, necessary for unlocking contacts, to your account.

    Step 3

    Unlock all necessary leads’ contact data and use it in other programs and web apps.

    Why do you need API?

    It will grant you quick access to the records in your leads database and connection that can be configured via GET query with parameters. You will retrieve the data in a convenient JSON file type, which is very lightweight and doesn’t depend on a programming language.