Discover all benefits of Skimleads

  • Find A Lead Step 1

    To receive an e-mail or a phone number, add the record to your cart. This is the easiest way to find useful professional contacts. By adding funds to your balance, you unlock the option to contact those who will help you move your career and business forward.

    Step 2

    To unlock the contact data of people you are interested in, go to your cart and make a payment by clicking ‘Buy now’.

    If there is not enough money on your balance, please, add necessary funds to get access to the selected records. You can learn more about how to top up your balance here.

    You can view all purchased records on your personal ‘My Leads’ page.
  • Export Data Step 1

    Download 100, 200, 300 and more leads in a needed format in mere seconds. Use filters and get an entire database of phone numbers and e-mails of your prospective clients. Find the people who are guaranteed to take interest in your offer.

    Step 2

    Each page features 50 leads. Select the list of leads you want to download with one click.

    Step 3

    Export it to a file (CSV, XML, XLS) or send the lead database to Salesforce CRM.

    Why do you need export of leads?

    Fast export makes sales department work more productive saving 50% of its time. A click - and your company processes all potential clients. No more unsuccessful calls! Managers will work more efficiently, increasing revenues of their company with fewer expenses.

  • API Connect Work with leads database in your corporate software

    Wouldn’t it be great to have all necessary leads already included to your corporate CRM or featured on the platform you usually work with? To make your work even more effective and convenient, we incorporated a comprehensible Application Programming Interface into the system, allowing you to:

    • Gain instant access to leads database and all necessary contact info;
    • Have easy and lightweight data retrieval in JSON format;
    • Work with configurable connection via GET query with parameters;

    Sign in at Skimleads.com, and receive your unique key on the API page or in your personal API settings.