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"Finding startup investor is easier than you think!"

Just like many experienced programmers who have been mostly helping to grow other businesses, at some point I realized that I have enough knowledge and competence to start my own business.

Having lots of startup concepts and ideas, I started working on creating an Android app. In the course of development, I encountered a problem familiar to nearly all beginning startupers - lack of funding. Knowing, that without investments my app will forever remain a concept, I started looking for project investors.

In the course of my fruitless search, I stumbled upon a service. Initially I thought that this service is engaged in selling e-mails for market distribution, but after studying the website, I found out that it contains an enormous contact base that includes experts from nearly all fields - starting from sociologists and ending with IT companies CEOs. My main query brought me over 2000 of phone numbers and email data of experts that can potentially take an interest in my project.

It is worth mentioning that the leads search is quite open and unlocking the leads' contact data is the only not free of charge feature of the service.

All leads were real - I saw it for myself after acquiring 10 contacts that got my interest. The service also offers you to export your records list to various file types. I, for instance, found the CSV file type to be the most suitable.

Being quite a shy person, I did not make any calls. First, I decided to check the email data authenticity by sending an email with an in-depth description of the reasons why I need funding and benefits that can be obtained by investing into my startup to all 10 leads.

With the help of a special PC program that alerts me about my email being opened by an addressee I saw that 10 out of 10 receivers read my message. Two of them sent a response and one of them asked for more details.

I am glad to admit that the helped me to find a person who became interested in my project at the first try. After mailing to each other, we called each other up and arranged a meeting to discuss all details. To put it shortly, I can say that currently I am discussing the conditions with the investor and my project has moved from the concept stage to the development stage. In the end, it is bound to bring profit. The potential of using is limitless if you ask me. At a moderate price, you can find necessary contacts in necessary country, company, field and, as my personal experience has shown me, get the business opportunities no other service can give you.

"Recruitment agencies no longer needed"

As a small IT company CEO, heading a 15 person team, I am very scrupulous about picking employees. Because my staff is not numerous, I try to make working conditions as comfortable as possible in order to boost productivity. This is why I personally look for experts, without involving outsourcing HR companies.

I was glad to discover that the client orders have increased for the last few months. Therefore, I decided to hire another PHP programmer and started looking for a new worker.

As it was mentioned before, turning to a recruiting company or asking third persons wasn't my style. However, high class experienced programmers rarely put their CVs up on common job seeking websites.

While my futile search was going on, our company got so many projects that my workers were unable to process them all at once. By lucky chance, I found the website.

At first, I thought that this website is a usual recruiting source, just one of many. However, after a monitoring, I saw that this website gives you an open access to profiles of persons from various professional fields.

After tinkering with necessary filters, I found over 80 PHP experts profiles with impressive resumes. I found 30 of them suitable enough to be candidates for my job offer.

I profitably purchased the programmers' contacts and got in touch with them to find the expert for my company. I won't bore you with the details of my email and phone conversations. The main thing is that I found the perfect person for my team in professional and spiritual sense after the third interview. Currently our PHP expert is working on several projects at once and brilliantly completes all tasks.

I would like to note that next time I need a worker, I won't be wasting my time on job seeking websites. Instead, I will start with

"Finding new job is not an issue anymore"

I am an architect who used to work in a small construction company. At some point, I got tired of monotonous tasks. I wanted to grow and improve my skills, so I decided to find another job.

My specialization is pretty narrow, so I found a few fitting job offers on the job seeking websites. Nevertheless, I hate to sit idle. Therefore, I started searching for options. After I updated my resume by making it more attractive and detailed, I began looking for employers. By the way, I would prefer to talk to the CEOs of the companies that I found interesting, directly to speed up the process.

While I was searching, I found the service and it got my attention. Here I browsed the companies of interest and the contact data of their HR managers. After seeing the acceptable prices, I bought the contacts of CEOs and recruiting managers of five companies that met my requirements.

I emailed my resume and recommendation letters from my previous job to all e-mails I bought and I got responses. One email contained an interview invitation - to mention it, the interview was a success. While I was on my probation period in the new company, I got more invitations. However, I no longer needed them - my new job was perfect for me.

In my opinion, job seeking websites are outdated and if you want to find a prestigious job, you have to use other sources. In my case, is my choice!

"Discover only targeted leads for your business"

I am an executive director working in a new B2B company, specialized in ad banner and billboard printing. Because I have recently created my website, it is ranked low by search engines, so I needed to attract clients via e-mail distribution.

Our customer base was quite small for our beginning company, so we had to buy e-mails from various web sources. However, the first problem we encountered was the irrelevance of the contact info (obsolete or fake e-mails). Impossibility to filter users from ad field was our second problem. We got emails of persons from different fields - and why, for instance, an engineer would need a city light printing special offer in his email? Naturally, this is not rentable for us and does not have any value to the engineer.

I kept looking for a web portal that would allow me to get targeted receivers that can be interested in our collaboration. This is how I found The first pleasant feature of this website was an opportunity to filter the leads lists for necessary queries. In addition, I could see that I was buying the contacts of real people, working in advertising companies, not bots.

Because we had already exhausted our limited budget on attempts to get a quality customer base, we decided to test the service and bought 100 contacts for distribution. After seeing that the contacts were real and the receivers got our emails, we purchased 1000 more leads.

I can say that compared to the previous email-selling sources, the has very adequate prices. Moreover, the chances to get interested clients were higher, because all of them were working in the field of advertising. In addition, the system had a convenient option to download the base in various file types. We chose standard XML file type.

No, I won't say that did a miracle and now our small company magically has superiority over such advertising tycoons as JWT or Leo Burnett. Of course not. Nevertheless, I can say for sure that the leads are real. These are people who work in the companies featured in their profiles. Our investments were compensated - a dozen of companies became interested in our services and currently they are our clients. Now we are negotiating with a wholesale customer who got our email. - is the web source I can safely recommend. If you are facing problems with expanding your customer base, here you can quickly get real contacts at a good price.

"Generating new leads via API"

I am a product manager in the fitness equipment store. We work via CRM-system and use it to process orders and distribute our store news.

The demand for fitness equipment usually decreases in summer, so our marketing experts employ various clients-attracting tactics - context ads, sensing best deals e-mails to loyal clients, etc. Our main task for July was to increase sales from the website and our team decided to expand the customer base to increase the distribution of special offer e-mails.

To expand the customer base we needed to buy new leads. We found the leads-generating service An API partner program took our interest due to its feature. The program provides you with a personal key that allows you to generate the receivers' contact data in our CRM system directly via GET query. In other words, the leads-generating process occurs without involving side web sources. All that you have to do is to add necessary funds to your account, select needed filters, relevant to the requested contacts in GET query and get full access to the lead's contact data.

Thanks to this feature, our system now collects new contacts of our potential clients from the systems and I can say that the sales for July have grown up to 15% and our investments in the purchasing of the records were compensated within two weeks.

We are about to launch new sports clothing online store and we will use the API for the e-mail marketing to promote the website.

"The different way to find a job"

I am a French language translator with a broad experience. I used to work as a freelancer for a student essay writing service. In summer, I noticed that I started getting fewer orders. At all my questions about whether my salary had been cut were taken with a shrug - the employers only said that summer was not my season.

This made me realize that I needed to find other ways of income that will not depend on the time of the year. Usual job seeking ways like browsing job offers on the websites were unsuccessful, because companies mostly needed a staff translator while I needed a remote work that will not keep me anchored in office from 9 to 6.

My friend advised me to find offers on the service. This website allows you to filter experts by company/country/specialization and get their real contacts. I started my search from the international French companies, mostly, HR-managers that would be interested in me as in remote translator. In the end, I selected and purchased the contacts of HRs and regional representatives. I sent my CV and portfolio to them.

In mere days, one of the companies contacted me and offered a Skype interview. After an interview, I was invited on a probation period as a document translator.

Today I am an official company employee with a comfortable schedule and duties. Moreover, if initially I looked just for a part-time job, now I do not have to freelance - my current salary exceeds the payment from my previous employers. I concluded that the service search possibilities are nearly limitless. You can find contacts of almost any people: employers, coworkers, producers, investors and even personal hairdressers - you only have to use the relevant filters.

If I ever face the employment problems again, I know what web source I am going to use.

"In search of a supplier"

I am a purchasing manager in a private clinic, specialized in medical ultrasound scanning. Our entire network is based on the use of the modern equipment that most other clinics do not have access to.

The demand for a 4D medical ultrasound scanner it the highest in our clinic. The device makes three-dimensional scans of internal organs and mostly used for examining the fetus condition during pregnancy.

The demand for 4D scanning services has grown recently, making our patients wait their turn for scanning in enormous lines. In order to quicken the patient processing, our head physician decided to purchase another scanner. To my regret, the suppliers we used to work started charging too much for our budget, so I had to look for other options. There are many medical equipment-selling companies in our region and my main task was to contact the supply managers and negotiate the best price for the company.

My search for new suppliers led me to, a web service that offered an option to acquire contacts of sales managers, suppliers and even CEOs of the companies you would like to collaborate with.

After purchasing necessary contacts, I contacted the suppliers and personally organized a tender, which allowed me to choose a supplier with equipment that met our quality requirements and budget. Moreover, compared to our previous supplies provider our new suppliers assortment is much broader, so our clinic now always uses their services for procurement.

After trying I realized that I will no longer waste time on looking for the contact data on the official companies websites, because now I have the opportunity to profitably and directly purchase contacts of people I am interested in.