how does Skimleads API work?
API is an application programming interface that makes it possible for various apps to interact with each other. The API feature is included in Skimleads services to allow the clients work with the leads database in their own software.
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Skimleads API is compatible
Who needs this feature?

Although every user gets their own API after signing up to Skimleads, using the API key to establish a connection between a database of records and software is mainly useful for:

  • Developers who process, store and work with data via their own software.
  • Business owners and company CEOs, who use corporate software.

NOTE:The user can collect their personal API key from the API page. In case you do not know how to set up any particular software to work with our database, you can provide a software developer with the key and ask them to do it for you. Remember: your API key is your account’s ID card. If it is stolen, scammers may use it to purchase leads while you will be charged for this. DO NOT show the key to third parties! Only you or trusted developers should have access to your API key. Please contact our Support Service if the key was compromised.

The API feature provides users with an opportunity to work with the Skimleads data via their own software, saving more time and keeping data properly organized in one, single app.

Working with Skimleads records via API

Accessing records via API does not differ from the usual work with Skimleads. You use the same search system and filters, while the results of the queries are exported directly to your software. This way you do not have to convert them to XLS, CMS, CSV file types or the Salesforce platform – all data will be already available in your personal software.

The server sends the results to a client in a JSON format. Although, the client can rearrange the records as they see fit, the default API records list layout is the following:[your_unique_API_key]
Skimleads API Settings
your unique API key
1 - excludes email, phone, and social network account link from search results (free of charge testing request);
0 - show all contact data (default, paid)
0 - non-indented list; 1 - indented list
record number to start with
number of records displayed
key search query
1 - show records with emails
1 - show records with phone numbers
filter by country
filter by contact position
filter by contact current position
filter by contact past position
filter contacts by skills
filter contacts by interests
JSONP function name
{ "total" : 8915,
"start" : 1,
"num" : 2,
"profiles" : [ { "name": "John Doe",
"emails": "1",
"phones": "1",
"geo": { "route": "Bay Street",
"locality": "San Francisco",
"administrative_area_level_2": "San Francisco Country",
"administrative_area_level_1": "California",
"country": "United States",
"country_code": "US",
"formatted_address": "Bay St, San Francisco, CA, USA",
"place_id": "ChIJeXQBYtbUKJg1FB5A6AhYARj"
"profile_pic": null,
"languages": [en],
"current_positions":[ { "position": "Sales manager",
"company": "Company & Co",
"company_url": "",
"company_pic": "https://media.images/picture.png",
"start_date": "April 2014"
"skills": [ "Human Resources",
"Talent Management",
"Organizational Development",
"Performance Management"
"certificates" : []
"groups": [ { "group": "Radley Supply Chain and Workforce Productivity",
"linkedin_url": "",
"pic": ""

JSON format is popular among software developers and app users for its light weight and independence from any particular programming language. It is also possible to write data from API into a file.

The only difference is the price. Downloading leads via API is priced as a separate feature. Our pricing table contains all necessary information under the “API” column.

NOTE:Although you receive your personal API key upon your registration, you will not be able to work with leads until you have sufficient funds in your account.