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Skimleads is a communication ‘bridge’ between you and every professional in any industry

In other words, we are a global online service which gives you an incredible opportunity to find contacts you are looking for within a few seconds. Astonishing database of thoroughly selected personal information has been composed of data from a wide range of publicly available sources all over the Internet. Easy-to-use filters and exceptionally user-friendly interface help you to find intuitively the persons you need at the very moment. Purchasing contacts at unbelievably low prices ensures exceptional return on investment.

This service was developed from the internal need to find emails and phone numbers of professionals from various industries. We believe that accessing open to everyone information on the web should be made as simple as possible. That’s why we decided to bring all separated pieces of data together and create a powerful tool to find leads.

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Who can benefit from the service and how

Do you need to find prospective customers? Get their emails and phone numbers here! Now sales managers can contact a person that is definitely interested in the offered product or service. Even more, you can include the acquired leads into a direct mailing list and achieve exceptional response rates for the low-effort technique.

Looking for suppliers of a specific product? Discover all offers and choose the best deal! In the search for highly-qualified employees? We deliver unique opportunity for HR Managers and recruitment agencies to monitor labor force market and find top specialists in every industry.

Every business person out there is a click away from you. Do not wait for business opportunities, make use of them right now!

How to use

Are you ready to discover the best leads for you business? Jump straight into the action! You can browse the list of your prospective customers, suppliers, employers and employees free of charge! Look through their current jobs and responsibilities without any limits!

All you need to do after you select the most promising leads is to top up your account balance. Now you can reveal their emails and phone numbers right from the listing. You pay for the contact info only.